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The single disc remastered DVD edition of the "Aloha From Hawaii" is available for pre-order on Amazon. Synopsis: Elvis Presley made television and entertainment history with his Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii concert, performed at the Honolulu International Center Arena on January 14, 1973. Beamed live via Globecam Satellite to various countries and on a delayed basis to approximately thirty European countries, it first aired in America that April 4th on NBC in edited form, including four “insert” songs shot just after concert. In all, the concert was seen in about forty countries by 1-to-1.5 billion people that year, a global ratings smash. Never before had one performer held the world’s attention in such a way. Aloha from Hawaii presents Elvis Presley at the pinnacle of his superstardom, giving one of the most outstanding concert performances of his career. Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii Concert (63:18) January 14, 1973 The complete concert with the minor deletions made for the American television special restored and with the trendy but distracting multi-screen effects of the 1973 television presentation virtually eliminated. Opening Riff See See Rider Burning Love Something You Gave Me a Mountain Steamroller Blues My Way Love Me Johnny B. Goode It’s Over Blue Suede Shoes I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry I Can’t Stop Loving You Hound Dog What Now My Love Fever Welcome To My World Suspicious Minds Introductions by Elvis I’ll Remember You Medley: Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On An American Trilogy A Big Hunk O’ Love Can’t Help Falling in Love Closing Vamp Credits (with Elvis footage choreographed to the closing vamp.) DVD Promo Spots This edit is shorter than the one for this concert on Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii – Deluxe Edition DVD because the opening theme Also Sprach Zarathustra heard while the screen is black awaiting the footage of Elvis's stage entrance to begin is not included and the footage of the cast on stage after Elvis has left and the closing vamp continues to play is not included. Other than that this edit is the same as found in the deluxe set but for a correctional tweak to Elvis's introduction of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps and The Sweet Inspirations. The original videotape material for this program has been digitally re-mastered and restored. The original multi-track audio has been digitally re-mastered and remixed for Dolby Digital stereo and 5.1 surround. Presented in its 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio. Post-Concert “Insert” Songs for TV Special (14:30) The master takes of the “insert” songs for the American broadcast – the four songs that were used and the one that wasn’t. Blue Hawaii Ku-U-I-Po No More (not used in the broadcast) Hawaiian Wedding Song Early Morning Rain NOTE: This concert also is found on Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii – Deluxe Edition DVD (4-hour, 2-disc set), which includes the American broadcast version, all takes of the “insert” songs, the entire dress rehearsal concert and the complete raw footage of the "arrival in Hawaii" sequence shot for the original TV special intro. Photo Gallery Photographs of Elvis backstage receiving the gold and diamond Hawaiian maile vine "Elvis" pendant worn in the Aloha concerts – a gift from the Kui Lee Cancer Fund, which benefited from the event. Photographs from the Las Vegas press conference Elvis appeared at on September 4, 1972 to announce the Aloha from Hawaii concert television special. Other photos including a shot of Elvis with producer/director Marty Pasetta. (Photo selections from the first two categories have been posted in the '68/Aloha site's Multi-Media Gallery since 2004. There are some variations between what is on the site and what is on the disc.) Easter Egg (09:14) An "Easter egg" is hidden content on a DVD. It's not listed on or in any of the DVD packaging or shown obviously on the onscreen DVD menu. You have to find it. It's a popular way of delivering to "in the know" fans special content that the general public might not appreciate fully. If you find the Easter egg, you will get this message onscreen: Congratulations! You found the “Easter egg.” Elvis appeared in two press conferences leading up to his Aloha from Hawaii concert TV special. To date, copies of the press conferences in their entirety have eluded us. Here, we provide the portions we have been able to locate so far. September 4, 1972 Las Vegas Hilton November 20, 1972 Hawaiian Village Hotel An "arrival in Hawaii" sequence was shot for the Aloha from Hawaii TV special. The complete, pristine raw footage shot by the program's production team is included in the 2-disc set Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii – Deluxe Edition DVD. Here we present some TV news footage that was shot, offering an alternate view of the arrival event.
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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 18, 2006report abuse
There are those of us who do not buy everything that comes out. I for one, did not buy all the singles that came out last year. How many times can you have Heartbreak Hotel? But in this case, putting the press conference footage on the single dics, yes it business to have us fans buy this dvd just for this. My complaint is it would have been nice of them to put it on the dulxe edition where it belongs.
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2006report abuse
I think it's called "business!" And I'm sure that those of you complaining about this also bought all the singles last year with no quibble despite having all the songs and alternates etc elsewhere! I'm not siding with the makers of the DVDs here, but if they know Elvis fans will buy everything that comes out anyway then they are going to play on it.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2006report abuse
i agree - with all the arrival footage on the deluxe version, they couldn't also include the footage from the press conferences? its not like it was just found yesterday! Just plain greed to suck you into buying this. Disgusting!
MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2006report abuse
his is also a con if you buy the cd versions you here Elvis swearing at Glen D whers that then and also as much interviews has we have at present whens that to next week. ere one mugwho wont be buying it. It is just plain greed and nothing else al these extras should be on the deluxe version

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