Aloha Replacement DVD In The Netherlands

BMG Nederland informed us that a new disk 1 will be produced to replace the faulty disc. The disc should be ready within two weeks. People who bought the DVD set can get a new disc showing their receipt. Fans who bought their DVD at the premiere party in Utrecht can get a new disc at the Fame store in Amsterdam (bring your copy).
Source: BMG NL / Updated: Jul 1, 2004 

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macuser (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 5, 2004report abuse
It is very unfortune for those who bought the DVD at the Utrecht Premiere party to travel all the way to Amsterdam if they don't live there. Luckely the folks at a certain music-store in Rotterdam are so nice to me that i can change the whole box for a complete new one when the replacements arrive.
Neckywoudje (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2004report abuse
Herman, You're right... when i first wrote about it hurts me i got a lot of critism from other fans. But the medley is simply terrible now, it makes no sense. So please BMG, replace the disk! Thanks in advance!
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2004report abuse
That's nice, of course but what about the missing track 'it hurts me' on the '68 Comeback ? Are they replace disc 1 also ? Because now I can't listen to the normal Guitar man-medley, listen to this it's terrible. Now I have to buy the Lightyear-entertainment DVD to see the COMPLETE Guitar man-medley. Very big mistake BMG, but we are human. So it's better that you, like the Aloha DVD, replace disc 1 of the '68 Comeback WITH It hurts me in it. I must write that this, together with the Aloha DVD, is a top product from you BMG, but we want it correct AND complete. I really hope that we can trade it as soon as possible, because IT HURTS ME to see it's not complete. With kind regards, Herman from the Netherlands.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2004report abuse
Now I have to travel 200 km. (Zwolle-Amsterdam) I think this is not a good solution.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2004report abuse
Bit expensive... going to Amsterdam to show the faulty one, even from The Hague.

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