Afternoon Show Houston Astrodome March 3 1974

The new Madison label is really busy. After releasing "Breathing out Fire" and announcing the release of "Don't Think Twice" the label now announces the forthcoming release of a very unusual soundboard-recording of the complete Houston Astrodome March 3 1974 afternoon show, "The 8th Wonder Of The World". The show is highly unusual because there was no orchestra (no horns and the like) even though Elvis was playing to a crowd of 50,000. It sounds like a live rehearsal or even a show in a small venue. The crowd was very far from Elvis so you don't really hear the audience and the only applause that can be heard are from the backup singers. The sound quality is rather excellent for a show recorded in such a place as the Houston Astrodome. The highlights certainly include a very powerful "Johnny B. Goode" with James Burton in great form, excellent versions of "Trying To Get To You" and "Let Me Be There" and an inspiring "Help Me" which sounds like an undubbed studio version. Elvis is in great form for the beginning of this tour and you can hear the results when "Event Number 8" performs into the 8th Wonder of The World Houston Astrodome.
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