Actress Gail Gerber Dies At 76

Gail Gerber, a perky blond actress who starred opposite Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys and Edd “Kookie” Byrnes in several fun films of the 1960s, died Saturday in Salisbury, Conn., of complications from lung cancer. She was 76.

Gerber gave up her acting career in 1966 to be with two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter Terry Southern (Easy Rider, Dr. Strangelove, The Cincinnati Kid). They were together for 30 years and tended to a 200-year-old farmhouse in the Berkshires until he died of respiratory failure in 1995 at age 71.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Gerber made her film debut in The Girls on the Beach (1965), co-starring The Beach Boys, before her agent suggested she change her name. As Gail Gilmore, she appeared opposite Presley in two other 1965 films, Girl Happy and Harum Scarum.

After co-starring with Byrnes in Beach Ball (1965), she grew to gigantic proportions as one of six delinquent teenagers (including Beau Bridges and Tisha Sterling) who terrorize a town in Village of the Giants (1965). Gerber met Southern on the set of Tony Richardson’s The Loved One (1965), for which she had a minor role as a cosmetician and he was a screenwriter. The two hit it off immediately and, despite their marriages to others, became inseparable. Gerber abandoned her acting career to live with Southern in New York and then in Connecticut, where she taught ballet for more than 25 years.

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Updated: Mar 5, 2014 
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