A Triple Threat

As recorded at the Sahara Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, NV - Sunday, May 2, 1976

Label: Straight Arrow Special Products SA/SP 2011-03-02

In the past year 'Straight Arrow' managed to obtain a couple of superb-quality Vegas and Tahoe off-line recordings suitable for special releases. The third volume of our "STRAIGHT ARROW SPECIAL PRODUCTS" mini-series is "A TRIPLE THREAT!" (SA/SP 2011-03-02) and features the super-cool Lake Tahoe concert from May 2, 1976.

Of all of Elvis' 70s concerts, those in Lake Tahoe are the most poorly-documented. In a way it's a real pity, because the beauty of the Nevada surroundings and the intimacy of the Sahara showroom always seemed to bring out the best in him. Although Elvis looked somewhat unhealthy in May 1976, he appeared to be in a very good mood, and his warm interaction with fans made the shows quite memorable. The May 2, 1976 gig featured on this release is one of the longest and most entertaining that he gave.

Listening to this, one might easily get the impression that Elvis was courting guests in his living room. There's a nice intimacy to the recording, and his interplay with audience and musicians alike is a true delight. There are also a number of vocally-impressive performances in evidence, one being Elvis' latest RCA single, "Hurt," which he reprises twice! It is the only known date where "Hurt" was performed three times due to the terrific audience response! Worth a mention as well are solid performances of "Burning Love", "My Way", "Tryin' To Get To You" and "An American Trilogy".

This previously unreleased show is taken from a 24-bit digital transfer of a first-generation copy of original cassette. Since the recorder was very close to James Burton's stage monitor, the lead guitar is exceptionally well-defined in the sound image.

Like its predecessors, this new release will be presented in a beautiful digipack with all the necessary information, plus Lake Tahoe memorabilia and photos taken during actual gig. If you dug "FADED LOVE" and "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME" CDs, we'll bet that you will love this one, too.


01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman (with break) / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain 07. Elvis talks - 08. All Shook Up - 09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Elvis talks - 10. Don't Be Cruel - 11. Tryin' To Get To You - 12. My Way - 13. Burning Love.

01. Introduction of singers, musicians - 02. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson, instrumental) - 03. What'd I Say (James Burton) - 04. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) - 05. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 06. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - 07. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 08. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) - 09. Love Letters (with false start) - 10. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) - 11. Hurt - 12. Hurt (second rendition) - 13. Hurt (reprise of last verse and ending) - 14. Hound Dog - 15. An American Trilogy - 16. Softly As I Leave You - 17. Can't Help Falling In Love - 18. Closing Vamp.

Approx running time: 85 minutes  

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Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 29, 2011report abuse
From the cover and jumpsuit back to the show..these Tahoe shows from 1976 belong to the better ones of this year..all of them..Elvis was very committed throughout and delivered decent performances..which were also unusually long with very interesting setlists..the signs of his bad health were obvious ....though..he looked terrible..with his face being swollen..
Heaven thanks...his great voice never left him..
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2011report abuse
For a guy of his age he doesn't look bad at all. Yes, he looked better but he was 40+. Who of us here has not gained weight? I agree however that the jumpsuit is hopeless. An airco jumpsuit suitable for a hot stage? Anyway Harley has a good point. He should have had a better tailor at this point.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2011report abuse
"Elvis looks great - it's the jumpsuit that looks unflattering." Ya gotta be kidding me! He looks like he needed a good long rest. And a decent tailor.
tommyboo (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2011report abuse
Elvis looks great - it's the jumpsuit that looks unflattering. Probably his least flamboyant stage suit but apparently kept him cool under the hot stage lights. It is this same suit that split on him while on stage in Pontiac 31st Dec '75. But what matters most is the sound of course, even though it is the same set yet again. Of all the recordings he had made over the previous years, why did he play the same songs over and over with very little variation between '75 and '77? And as mentioned by another member, should the title of this CD have read A TRIPLE TREAT instead of Triple Threat? Singing Hurt three times in a row must surely be a TREAT and not a THREAT!
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 27, 2011report abuse
Nothing wrong with that action shot on the cover in my opinion. But has anyone noticed that the title is wrong? I don't think Elvis'version of Hurt this gig is a threat to anyone. It probably refers to being treated to Hurt three times and should read 'A Triple Treat'. I hope that cover can still be changed.
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2011report abuse
Nothing wrong with the picture whatsoever,great cover,i most honestly cannot understand what's wrong with this picture, a great cover and release all together.
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 25, 2011report abuse
To all those up in arms over critiscism of the cover, it's exactly that and nothing else. Not critisism of content or sound. Of all the pictures they could have used from that night they seem to have picked the most unflattering one. Take your blinkers off and look again. As a cd cover it's a terrible one. And please stop with the " that's how Elvis looked then" comments. Still no reason to pick such a horrible picture.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 25, 2011report abuse
ElvisCriticsSucks, I always hope someone contributes his/her own experience on that particular concert to this thread. That will definitely enhance the experience of listening for me. I don't care so much for the cover(s). By the way, I think this cover doesn't give extra impetus to the impersonators. Here we see Elvis during his performance, not as a young man but as an adult. We all gain weight and here his looks are well within the normal parameters. Anyway, drJohnCarpenter is right. We should judge the concert by its music nd performance or at least this CD by the sound quality.
ElvisCriticsSuck (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
Shouldn't base Elvis' Looks on unposed photo, if you had seen him live (i.e. NOT on Bootleg Video,) you'd all have a different opinion...
Andy_2 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
Jack's correct, what does it matter if it's from the concert or not they couldn't have picked a worse picture. Must be the picture every Elvis impersonater models themselves on. If you want to sell a product it has to look good as well and this one must have the worst cover i've ever seen.
samcra (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
I agree with the minority... it's a terrible photo. I don't believe in giving the 'Fat Elvis' impersonators more ammunition. Just my opinion, and I'm sticking with it.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
Elvis gave only 1 show this day (Sun)..a 10 pm show...on Fridays and Sats he gave a DS and MS
Hans Otto (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
I agree with the majority in this case. The cover photo should be from the actual concert, or at least from the same period/Lake Tahoe engagement. No point in throwing in a Elvis cover photo from many years before just because Elvis looked better then. By the way, according to a couple of the Elvis CD-R databases on the Internet, this recording is supposedly from Elvis' Dinner Show on May 2nd, 1976.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
Mr Murphy, do you often judge a book by it's cover?......your choice i suppose anyway ticks all the right boxes for me and look forward to this landing on my desk in the near future.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 24, 2011report abuse
Good cover,..good show..and last but not least..great sound.
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2011report abuse
Good show a CD cover of how Elvis looked at the time and decent sound and show I am certainly getting this one!~
Johnny2523 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2011report abuse
I Can't agree with u on That mr. Murphy. Maybe not one of the best picture of elvis there is,is used here. But certainly not the worst. The Cover is alteast taken around the time of this concert! i rather see that then a elvis aloha picture or pictures that are years ahead of the concert itself. i enjoy this cover and its beautifully done. Also this show i hadnt had a listen to yet so now i can in better quality.

To Straight Arrow: Keep goin' guys. I love your cd's and so much unreleased concert u gave us over those past years. For me as an elvisfan i can't ask for more.Thanks
Jack Murphy (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2011report abuse
What a hideous album cover! I have never understood why so called fans who create these boots always use the least attractive photos for the covers. This is just another horrible choice.

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