35,000 Elvis Impersonators Are Wrong!

Last week Blue Suede Films offered us a preview version of Almost Elvis. We told them we are pretty skeptical towards impersonators, but they dared to take the risk. Well we’ve seen it now, and it fulfilled our expectations. Director/ producer/ writer John Paget says on this preview he expects a few laughs when people are seeing this. Well, we couldn’t even laugh about it. It is very sad to see those "wannabees" hurt Elvis’ image. It took a lot of effort to sit through the couple of minutes this preview lasts, and we can’t even think of sitting through the whole thing. A discussion about impersonators on our list showed that a majority of the fans don’t like the phenomenon at all. This makes us wonder how those people can have a living. It is like someone said, “The dark side of the Legend”.
Source: Almost Elvis / Updated: Jun 19, 2000 

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