2nd Wild Tiger

MfX just released the earlier announced second volume in their Wild Tiger at The Hilton series.

Source: Email / Updated: Jun 29, 2011 
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drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2011report abuse
myway, well put my friend and as a AR release sound was a lot better considering this label is not one of the best.

Quest, surely info on this and other imports are always available via different well known Elvis web-sites so do get a little amused at fans wanting to know info etc when it's already out in the www domain. Listen we all know this is a AR release so sound obviously is not soundboard quality but well worth a listen especially if you do not have this on other formats.
myway (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
It's from 1 september Midnight show 1974.I like this one better then wild tiger vol 1.Sound is better too. I have them both on silver disc.But MxF and SR are not top labels.
Quest (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
Show fropm what date, what season ? So, is it an audience tape recording? Bad quality ? Lex, please let us know.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
Nice show but there are people near the tape recorder that are applauding all the time, even during the songs and band introductions..
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
I like the album cover. I wish RCA-Sony-would search for some great pics like this, instead of using the same photos over and over for new CD collections.
blackdiamond (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2011report abuse
I guess this is an audience recording? Do we need this? Sure if you're a collector i think.

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