2nd To None Promotion Material

Here is the promotion material for “Elvis 2nd To None”. A poster with the half face cover and a t-shirt with a quote from “Rubberneckin’” on the back. Other promotion examples from around the world. In France fans can see E2 "branded" taxis. In Seattle, USA complete shopfronts have been plastered with E2 promotion and in Munich, Germany, E2 street posters are everywhere. Meanwhile, BMG has already shipped 2 million units of E2 globally with a target of 3.5 million by 31 December, 2003.
Source: Various / Updated: Oct 9, 2003 
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Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 11, 2003report abuse
It's a pity, but not unexpected, that BMG could not send the outlet display material to the UK. We have one of the biggest, if not the biggest fan base here in the UK so BMG's marketing for Elvis Second To None is definately second best!

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