2nd Disc Deluxe #1 Hits

Essential Elvis, the UK's official Elvis Presley magazine, received news today, directly from BMG, that the deluxe edition of Elvis: 30 #1 Hits will now be released one week later than expected on October 27th in the UK. There will be a second bonus disc featuring 15 classic rare and unavailable tracks including alternate versions of Heartbreak Hotel, It's Now or Never, In The Ghetto, Way Down and the extended version of A Little Less Conversation. BMG-UK will be promoting the release to all mainstream and specialist press. The bonus tracks (on the second disc) will be: Heartbreak Hotel / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel / A Big Hunk 'O Love / Stuck on You (take 1) / It's Now or Never (takes 2 & 3) / Surrender (take 2) / His Latest Flame (rehearsal and take 2) / She's Not You (take 2) / Devil in Disguise / In The Ghetto (take 11) / Burning Love / Way Down (take 2) / In The Ghetto (vocal only) / A Little Less Conversation (extended remix)
Source: Magazines: Essential Elvis / Updated: Sep 19, 2003 
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Jeoliverm (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 22, 2003report abuse
Didn't know that there will be an extra CD with alternates or something like that. I am pleased gracefully with that 'cause I didn't expect anything more than one disc, the same I bought last year, with a new and (I hope) brilliant cover. You know what I mean... I'd buy it anyway and now I'm buying it for sure! (A little slower now: are you really waiting for new discovered tracks? Are you waiting for new - and almost the same to the ones already released - alternates of lots of songs? I only wait for new covers, new mixing and the new FTD soundtracks).
ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 21, 2003report abuse
RIP OFF, no other explanation, all in a guise as a THANK YOU, I suppose
Henryk (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 21, 2003report abuse
I've just figured out that all the alternates on this second disc are taken from various FTD CDs like "Fame & Fortune" or "Jungle Room". I also think the first four tracks might be the 'live' versions (supposedly FTD's as well) as there are no takes numbers given (doesn't the medley Teddy Bear-Don't Be Cruel sound familiar?). Moreover, the extended version of "ALLC" is the version found on the last year's single release of it. The In The Ghetto vocal only is from 30 #1's DVD-A. BMG says these tracks are rare and unavailable. Perhaps, but not for the collectors as us...
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 20, 2003report abuse
This is all great and everything but i already own 30 #1 Hits and so do many others. Why should i have to buy it again to get these alterenate takes? Is this disc going to be available seperately? I doubt it, BMG is definitely falling back into its old nasty ways by ripping people off!!! To be honest it doesn't make good business sense to put this out so close to Second To None does it?
bkdnyc2 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 20, 2003report abuse
Where can I get this in the us??!!

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