20 Original Albums

A new CD box 20 Original Albums is due for release in Europe this August. The set contains 20 albums:
Elvis Presley (1956) - Elvis Is Back (1960) - Something For Everybody (1961) - Pot Luck (1962) - Elvis For Everyone! (1965) - From Elvis In Memphis (1969) - On Stage (1970) - That's The Way It Is (1971) - Elvis Country (1971) - Love Letters From Elvis Presley (1971) - Elvis Now (1972) - Elvis (1973) - Aloha From Hawaii (1973) - Raised On Rock (1973) - Good Times (1974) - Promised Land (1975) - Today (1975) - From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976) - Moody Blue (1977) - Welcome To My World (1977).

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santiagisitestar (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2012report abuse
This is what the Franklin set should have been, except with all albums released. Not even Sony Masters did it right in my opinion as far as packaging. The beatles get all their albums stereo and mono released proper as mini lp's. Elvis deserves the same respect. Hopefully there will be a volume 2 like this one. I love papersleeves. They take up less space and eliminate so much plastic.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 10, 2012report abuse
Kinda odd, that the box cover, shows photos of Elvis albums, not included in the CD package, such as, Viva Las Vegas, G.I. Blues, He Touched me, Frankie & Johnny, etc. I would rather RCA-Sony- spend some money and really remaster these CDS, and I mean really remaster the songs, from "Scratch" and get the best sound possible, and re-release these CDs, as "Double Legacy Collections" at the nice price.
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2012report abuse
Strange selection. I would have gone for these:
1. Elvis Presley
2. Elvis
3. Loving You
4. Elvis’ Golden Records
5. Elvis’ Gold Records volume 2.
6. Elvis Is Back
7. His Hand In Mine
8. Something For Everybody
9. Pot Luck
10. Elvis’ Golden Records volume 3
11. Elvis’ Golden Records volume 4
12. The NBC Tv Special
13. From Elvis In Memphis
14. On Stage
15. That’s The Way It Is
16. Elvis Country
17. Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
18. Promised Land
19. Today
20. Moody Blue
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2012report abuse
No for the good times was a unrelaesed version. But also the mixes are different. Make the world goa away wans't live
but has no female backing vocals.
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 5, 2012report abuse
Hello, this looks like a round-up of Elvis's secular albums from the 70s with the 'On Stage' and 'Aloha From Hawaii' live LP's thrown in for good measure and supplemented with some of his better pre-1970 releases. Can someone tellme if I'm wrong - I think the only unreleased song on the old vinyl WTMW country collection was 'I Can't Stop Loving You'. It's since been given a CD release on 'An Afternoon in the Garden' so I don't think there are any real goodies to anticipate in this set. It goes without saying, I do hope BMG plan to enclose the remastered, expanded CD's in this box.
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2012report abuse
If the cd lsit are true, then is WTMW for the first time released in europe.And would have the alternates and mixes from the original lp. for everyone would then available agian. So i hope they don't change because it are real real classic albums. If i buy this.? No i have all the cd's. Not bad
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2012report abuse
As there are ever new fans this will be a FANtastic start of their collection- if for a reasonable price. Better than again and again compilations that will double too many songs.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2012report abuse
Regarding the albums shown on the Box but not in the set. I e-mailed SONY and they stated that this was the original design but is being changed prior to release to cater for the correct albums.
johnnygb (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2012report abuse
I have the previous box sets in this series, 2 x jazz and 1 each for blues and country music. They make a great introduction to each genre. They are reasonably priced at around £30 each set and are well worth checking out. Just a small point though, I would have included one of the religious albums,maybe leaving out Raised on Rock. Also not sure why the box design highlights several albums not in the set!!!!!!! Minor points as I will still get this. And great to see Welcome To My World included as it is real difficult to find on CD in the UK.
lacke lee (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2012report abuse
this looks cool for those who don't have the cd's too me it would be waist of money

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