#2 Hit In The UK And #3 In Scotland

In the Virgin chart, which shows the same list as the official, Elvis enters at #2 with "Wooden Heart". U2 is the new #1 with "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own". Other singles are listed at: #20 Are You Lonesome Tonight #27 It's Now Or Never #31 One Night #32 A Fool Such As I #37 Jailhouse Rock The compilation "Love, Elvis" climbs from #9 to #8 on the Album Chart. In Scotland the singles "Jailhouse Rock through "It's Now Or Never" all went to #1 in Scotland. The Scottish chart seems to be a week behind the UK chart. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" made it to #3.
Source: Virgin - UK Top 40 Chart / Updated: Feb 13, 2005 
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joemin (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Jim Semple, these singles are not released in Ireland. There has been some leakage from the uk by multiples like HMV and Virgin, and everything which gets on the shelves in Ireland is selling out immediately. Many Irish fans (including myself) are supporting the UK chart effort by buying from the uk on the internet. The 2 DVD's are also doing very well in Ireland at the moment.
ElvisNews (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
This time we removed some contributions without warnings, but please stay with the subject and leave politics out of it.
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2005report abuse
Jim Semple excuse me but could you read what i wrote please. I said the NORTH of ireland is the United Kingdom. So we register for the UK charts. Jim if you live in England you really should know this. The irish charts are for the SOUTH of ireland
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
emjel, Tell me you're joking about another singles box in August. Much as I'd love similar releases for songs like Don't Be Cruel, King Creole & Girl Of My Best Friend, I really think that Sony/BMG should cool it on Elvis singles for the time being. There have been quite a few recently!
I don't think I could stand the pace.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
RobIrish - read what i put - i didnt mention fan bases, i mentioned the Irish Charts. Elvis's chart positions speak for themselves in the Irish Charts - very poor, so your strong fan base isnt buying the records, for whatever reason that may be.
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Jim asemple NO your wrong. I live in North of Ireland, Belfast which ias considered past of the UK . There is as very strong fan base here.
Raleighroadace (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
U2s song is very good,and Bono is a big Elvis fan, so I don't mind that they got to no 1. I found many copies of WH in Tesco on Sunday afternoon.Bit late I know. There are no copies of Surrender in Swansea.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Ranger, I think if we look at the Irish Charts, the reason there is so many records in the shops, is that nobody in general is buying them ! The chart figures I last saw were absymal compared to UK charts !
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Well ranger I dont know whats going on but im not complaining. I did cue for 15 minutes but when i left Virgin there were lots of singles and when i went into HMV they had SURRENDER on display and vinyls.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
John 4126 - Have't you heard yet? A release such as this box set is already in the pipleline titled "2nd to None-The singles Collection. It's scehduled for a late August release.
ElFan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I just received an e-mail from BMG stating that they can now confirm that 'unlimited versions' of all the singles already released will be available from 21st February. They go on to say that all future 'unlimited versions' will be available the week AFTER the original release of the single.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Hi rob-irish, Tell me have you got your own pressing factory over in Belfast churning out Elvis singles? I think that's where they're all going. The net's drawing in over here. Four copies two weeks ago - exactly four customers. Four copies last week - three customers. (This is quite dull isn't it!). Today, three copies - three customers. As I'm always the third one there, it might be the long haul to London next week. Still, it'll be worth it for 'His Latest Flame' & 'Little Sister'.
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Pacer how are you? i could have got you a copy today if i had known , the stores here also had some of the other singles and vinyl too.
whetherman (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I'd love to see as many of the remaining singles at No.1 as possible! Let's keep buying them. Lex, I like your sense of humour even if no one else gets it!
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Glad to see you back Rob please dont get banned again. I dont think it matters if Elvis does not have any more no 1s. I will be happy if the rest of the singles get in the top 5. I have not even been in any record shops today to get Surrender. I have gave up trying to get the singles. I am going to wait till the the fan club get some in at the end of april. If I go into any record shops and I see any of the singles I will buy one but other than that I will not bother. Hope I am not sounding to negative
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Ranger, Pacer, etc hey thanks for missing me, dont know how long i'll survive tho lol. I picked up Surrender easily this morning again, lots in Belfast.
RobIrish (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
U2 are the best group in the world, they deserve number one with this fantastic song. Wooden Heart at number 2 in 2005, fantastic, wot else could anyone ask for. boris , wonderfull story , thanks for telling it to us.
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
re ranger, don`t forget free bling! actually,is that not something else the King started...or maybe it was Liberace?
Anyway in the `official` mtm1a chart Surrender is NO.1. Tell your friends!
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I'm not sure who the contenders will be this week but don't be surprised if, with every copy of Jennifer Lopez's single sold, the purchaser also receives a racehorse, a free cream tea at The Ritz with Charles & Camilla, and a ten-year season ticket to the Premiership team of their choice. I hope you all got 'Surrender'. Still no rob-irish?
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
mtm1a, The Pop Idol pairing of Gates and Young got a No.1 hit with 'Long and Winding Road'. 'Suspicious Minds' was on the single however, along with another song.
bray1977 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Hi Everyone Just wanted to say that Elvis will always be the worlds Number 1 artist no matter what the chart placing. And two top twenty singles and one top ten album this week is way more than most modern artists manage in their careers never mind in just one week. Keep up the good work everyone.
Yoda (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
3 No.1;s and 3 No.2's (4 if you wish to include the boxed All Shook Up) in a month and a half is an incredible achievement. The man would be proud of us all. What a shame about the lack of TV and Radio airplay.... its ridiculous really but doesn't surprise me in this day and age. Would be nice after this selection of singles has been released to released some NEW singles from Elvis' career that the general public are not familiar with, the average man on the street always associates Elvis with the usual 40 greatest hits. How about releasing some of the following great albums tracks we all love so well. Such as
1. Power Of My Love 2. Stranger In My Own Hometown. 3. Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time. 4. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. 5. Talk About The Good Times. 6. Mary In The Morning.
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
RE;john4126 `new` NO.1s would be great,but would they get any more shelf space than the current re-issues? Also, what`s with this country and `suspicious minds`? It`s an unbelievably great song, been released about 403 times,and only got to NO.1 with that jabroni(not a swear w
ord!) Gareth Gates!! surrender is every bit as good as INON.
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
mtm1a - good point about cold stats and the record books.
Do you think it would have been a better idea to have released a set of 'nearly number one's? Songs like Suspicious Minds. In the ghetto, King Creole. The chance to get some 'new' number ones!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Knock me if you will, but i`m completely one-eyed when it comes to the man.I know all the arguments that can be made in our `chart` favour against other `artists`, believe me,i`m constantly making them! However, when all is said and done, charts are important, it goes in record books, and is always gathered as a statement of fact. I`m very pleased with what we have, but there`s no harm in wanting more. Does anyone know who this week`s main con artists(i mean `challengers`) are likely to be?
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Lex - There's no air play, no video on TOTP/ CD UK therefore no positive publicity to encourage new fans on board. Casual single buyer seemingly cant even purchase the new release - hardly Elvis now!
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
John4126, please don't be so negative! Of course it matters, it's Elvis now!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
sorry, but i think people are missing the point. The single didn`t miss NO.1 because it was `only` WH, or only a film song, or only a kid`s song,it`s because it was an Elvis song! Yes Surrender is far better,as are all the others, but i`ve really lost complete hope of anymore NO.1s, as we obviously are being conned beyond belief.
Elvis isn`t being massively outsold, we`re just not getting the singles on the shelves-it`s disgraceful! for what it`s worth, i`ve got all the singles on order from a fairly small HMV, and have Surrender as i write this. But there are none on display. I`m in Putney, London, out of interest.
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
How many copies did 'It's only love' sell when it reached number 3 in 1980? I know it got a silver record for sales. Am i right in thinking it sold 250k? By my reckoning that means that collectively these singles will surpass that songs sales with the release of rock-a hula baby. 9 singles! And why the obsession with placings in a fading chart. Elvis position as the most influential and succesful artist is assured. If Westlife score more number ones than the Beatles does that mean they are any better; more influential; more relevant? Not a chance. And how many of us in the past have pointed at the relevant low sales of groups like Westlife when they've reached number one as proving they are not on a parr with the likes of the king?
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Come on folks, get a grip. Wooden Heart is a novelty childrens song that is well performed, but nothing more. It would be a fix if it DID get to number one in this modern era.
boris (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
About U2 and Elvis let me tell you this little story. I met Johnny Cash a few years ago and as you may know Bono was a good friend of his. Another thing you might know of is that Elvis was a very good friend of his too and they spent a lot of time together on the road back in the 50's. Among others things the king of rock was the one who opened up the doors for the king of country to meet with his wife June Carter. When I asked Johnny Cash about Elvis he was so friendly and he talked about him so warmly and was obviously moved. He told me how much Elvis had meant to him in his career and life and how painful it was to know that he would never meet anyone like him anymore. When I asked him who, according to him, was the closest to Elvis since he had been meeting all the greatest in the world he said : "Bono!" He added : "he may not be as charismatic or quite as gifted, he may not be as popular but he's a great singer and a wonderful human being and he reminds me of Elvis in the way he treats people and the way he considers the others, including his fans. I guess that's one of the reasons why we became close friends". This is just to say that Elvis and Bono have more in common than (agressive ?) true fans and that a "war" between those standing on one side or the other is just a loss of energy. As Elvis said : "there's room for everybody"...
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, myself I don't like U2, but thousand's do,so be it. The lead singer Paul is a big Elvis fan, and speak's very highly of him. Me, I love Emerson Lake & Palmer,they saw Elvis in concert and were very impressed,but you try and find a good word for ELP, you'll have a hard time,but that's life. Happy Valentine's Day to All.
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Hedgehog, you said -"U2 are crap.." Congradualtions !! Your in the running for the most idiotic , stupid thing posted on this web site. U2 have been one of the most consistant and innovative bands of the past 26 or so years. If you look past your nose you could see that. Just because you like Elvis, it doesnt mean that everyone else is "crap".
Bryan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
He listen everyone, i don't understand why everyone is complaining so much, cause Elvis didn't get to number 1
but to number 2! man that's awesome! that means Elvis has teamed up with rock & roll's # 1 band who r also Elvis fans!
we r talking about '' Wooden heart'' 45 years old and still gets to # 2! i thinks it's a great achievement for an artist who isn't amongst us for nearly 28 years!..and just look at all those other songs Elvis HAS still in the UK top 40! .. and Elvis is Above ''Eminem" with ''Wooden Heart''! come on! that's awesome! and remember Elvis has beaten Sir Cliff Richard with top 10 hits.. no way Cliff is gonna beat that.
and there so many more singles of Elvis coming..i'm surely there will a few or number ones among them!...and if doesn't? Elvis wrote music history anyway in 2005! a great achievement for the '' one and only'' Elvis Presley!
hedgehog (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
AS ive said all along its a fiddle go out today and youll get last weeks record,who is to blame nobody seems to care that the sales are being rigged if any one has e-mail addresses to the top nobs at SONY/BMG please post them here so we can send our opinions direct to them.U2 are crap Elvis would have outsold them if we could have been able to buy the latest single.
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Good on ya LEX !! Keep doing what you do! There's no need to love and agree with everything that has to do with Elvis. I think its good to hear all opinions, for or agaist Elvis.
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
Linda, i wont call you stupid but, the U2 song is, and has been, all over the radio for a long time. Maybe it just depends what station you listion to i guess. Also they just did it on the Grammy's tonight. U2 are great.
Emily (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005
Invisible because there was no relation to the article
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I have not even heard the song Sometimes you cant make it on your own by U2.Dont worry about it Linda your not stupid. Hope Bert has not been banned. I am starting to miss Rob_Irish though
Linda 2 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
What is this song "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own?" Call me stupid but I ahve never heard of it.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005
Invisible because there was no relation to the article
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
I think its great that Wooden Heart got to no 2. I did not even think it would get this high. I still have not been able to buy Wooden Heart yet. I dont mind U2 getting to number one though. Still no sales figures then
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
I can only think that Bert's 'personal attack' was aimed at Lex. How could it possibly be as bad as most of us are already thinking about Lex?! However, I'll be positive about the chart 'fix' (sorry, 'FIX').
It's remarkable that Elvis has 6 entries in the Top 40.
Now if anyone could get a genuine photo of the six singles in their respective chart positions in a Woolworths, Virgin or HMV, I think that 'ElvisNews' should give a suitable prize!
D Stevens (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Is there anywhere where salers figures are shown? Not only sales for the week but in total for comparison purposes?
shakyelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
What great news! 9 Top 5 hits in 3 years, including 4 number ones. Not bad for someone who passed away 28 years ago. I think the next few weeks could see more #1s - Surrender, His Latest Flame, Rock-a-hula Baby, Return To Sender and Devil In Disguise. Obviously these rockers maybe more attractive to the casual fan, than the ballads. Long Live the King.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Emjel: never heard of sarcasm? Sorry, but I have to come here. Without me the site wouldn't exist.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Lex - why should they forbid it. Surely the chart reflects the singles bought. I get the impression you are not a fan so why bother writing in with stupid comments - in fact why come to the site at all?!!
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
I still think this is great! We're talking about WOODEN HEART! Up against one of the greatest rock group of our time, U2! I think it's "healthy" that there still is some competition out there! Even if we as fans ofcourse would have liked to see Elvis up there on top! There are more great singles to come! And I would bet that Can't Help Falling In Love, His Latest Flame, Return To Sender, Good Luck Charm and Devil In Disguise still stand the chance to go to no1!
scarlet o hara (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Again I say well done to Elvis as without him none of this would have ever happened. But promoted correctly it could have been so much better. But hasn't that been the story of his career? If he had been promoted properly in the first place then he probably would be alive today.
Bert (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005
Invisible because there was a personal attack
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Yes, it is indeed a scandal... an artist, who's dead for nearly 28 years, is in the Top 40 with 6 singles, and has had the same amount of Top 5 hits this year. They should forbid it!
Bert (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
I think we should all take action by ringing , writing, Emailing local and national newspapers and TV shows with as much evidence as possible, because this is a scandle and nothing less!!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
i assume all elvis fans are going to buy all the singles, so roughly the same amount of copies will be sold as each of the others. we can`t really `get` him to no.1, as it depends on what all the other dross sells!
Bert (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
Do not SURRENDER! Let us ger Surrender to number one! Its a quality powerfull performance!
mtm1a (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 13, 2005report abuse
even though we`re being stitched-up, 3 no.1s and 3 no.2s 28years after the day,is still great and unmatchable by anyone! are all 6 confirmed in the top40? and how about an album placing?

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