Pete Drake

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

In the Garden (steel guitar) Indescribably Blue (steel guitar) It Won't Be Long (steel guitar) Just Call Me Lonesome (steel guitar) Let Yourself Go (steel guitar) Long Legged Girl (With a Short Dress On) (steel guitar) Love Letters (steel guitar) Mine (steel guitar) Old MacDonald (steel guitar) Run On (steel guitar) Singing Tree (steel guitar) So High (steel guitar) Somebody Bigger Than You and I (steel guitar) Speedway (steel guitar) Stand by Me (steel guitar) Stay Away (steel guitar) Suppose (steel guitar) The Girl I Never Loved (steel guitar) There Ain't Nothing Like a Song (steel guitar) There's So Much World to See (steel guitar) Too Much Monkey Business (steel guitar) U.S. Male (steel guitar) We Call on Him (steel guitar) Where Could I Go but to the Lord (steel guitar) Where No One Stands Alone (steel guitar)