My Little Friend

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Words & Music: Shirl Milete
My warped and worried mind resorted
To wandering off to ponder things I never talk about
A pretty girl I used to know but wouldn't know if we met face to face
And defying every logic known
I wish all the time machine could take me back again
To the wonder of my first love, the old folks tease me 'bout
Referring to her only as my little friend

Somewhere far away and maybe not so far away
The child has grown into a woman of the world
I assume this knowing that she knew so much of life at such a tender age
I learned from her the whispered things the big boys at the pool hall talk about
The thrill and disappointment, fear and shame that first love brings
But oh, how I thought I loved my little friend

The fragrance of the green grass mingled with the scent of love and warming earth
The moonlight night I kissed and cried and swore I'd never touch another girl
But time moved fast and I moved on and I loved others time and time again
But with each time I thought of her and always gave a little more
A symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Recorded: 1969/01/16, first released on single


Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2020report abuse
Definitely a "B" side; nothing to rave about in my opinion. Average 3-stars.
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2020report abuse
I have always loved this song since I first heard it on the single! An underrated gem imo! A third volume of the Memphis sessions would have been nice back in the day. When one take a look at the tracklisting on Elvis At American Sound studio, 9 tracks, add Suspicious Mind and it would have been a great follow up to the two previous albums!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2020report abuse
I've always liked this song, but I've never considered it a gem or a possible "A" side song. Too me, it's a solid flip side song to which Elvis gives his all.
shawnrw (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 9, 2016report abuse
I have never been able to figure this song out, but Elvis's phrasing is remarkable and the whole package is very attractive. Too bad it was buried on a Camden album all those years ago.
ElvisSacramento (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 3, 2014report abuse
This is such a marvelous, unique and under-rated Elvis song and it has mature, masterful and intelligent lyrics too. This song should definitely be much better known than it actually is. Elvis' rendition of it was magnificent. I rate this song and Elvis' rendition of it 5 Stars.
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2014report abuse
Yet another understated gem that we wish the non-believers could hear and see what a veritable treasure chest of songs our boy has recorded. - not the tops from the '69 sessions but very close.
sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 13, 2013report abuse
I never understood any off the lyrics so thanks for, well, the lyrics. A great track, but too much instrumentation.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 26, 2010report abuse
"My Little Friend", A definate overlooked gem ! This was the "B" side to the single "Kentucky Rain", and it received some airplay on Country radio and in the Country bars, for years. The song was strong enough to be an "A" side (as possibly, a followup to "Kentucky Rain") but it wasn't to be. As pointed out, this was a very Mature and hip, record, and a story of a boy becoming a man, courtesy of his beautiful Little Friend. Alot of people can relate to it, with fondness.
Guitar Man 1967 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2010report abuse
Always liked this song and it should have been on a regular RCA LP but the Camden LP 'Almost In Love' is my favorite budget album.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 23, 2010report abuse
An overlooked track from the American Recording Sessions of '69. This song did find it's way onto a single as the flipside of "Kentucky Rain" and then was pawned off to Camden for the budget LP "Almost In Love. Elvis gives an A+ rendition of this well-written song of childhood romance. This song should have been on a regular RCA LP; but for a discount label LP, AIL is quite good.
SatninTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2010report abuse
This is a really great song, very mature and lyrical. It paints a picture in your mind and is very hard to sing along to(much in the style of "Guitar Man"). I always enjoy it....EP4EVER! TCB
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2010report abuse
Possibly the most lyrical song he ever sang. I love it and wish there were more songs of this nature. Very mature sound yet hip sounding at the same time.
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 22, 2010report abuse
this is a very special song for me, for obvious reasons: the lyrics. Change girl into boy and its a story of my youth...
Elvis Rimes (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2008report abuse
I used to like this song when I was about nine when all the Elvis albums I had were the Camden ones. Strange thing is, I still love this song!

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