How the Web Was Woven

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Words & Music: C. Westlake/ M. Most
How the web was woven
In my soul, don't you know
How the web was woven
Can't get loose, can't let go
Like the weave of a spider
Wound around my heart
I'm no longer free
At last I'm where you want me
Don't you know, that's where I want to be?

Spinning 'round like a blue fly
Thoughts of you fill my head
And no matter, oh how I try
I can't sleep in my bed

I've been round for the last time
Oh, girl, what can I do?
Oh the time the web was woven,
How I fell in love, fell in love with you
Recorded: 1970/06/05, first released on That's the Way It Is


JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2018report abuse
My favorite song from the fantastic That's The Way It Is LP.
jaques marcello (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2018report abuse
I Love this song. Fantastic album. The best of the album for me
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 23, 2018report abuse
Beautiful song, wonderful delivered by elvis and the band. The overdubs are a little too much, but maybe that's just my opinion. Anyway, this gets 5 stars from me.
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2015report abuse
Love the song & his treatment of it 10 out of 10
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 26, 2015report abuse
Great song, like pretty much all of That's The Way It It. It would have been nice if he'd kept the song in his live repertoire for a few years. But, like almost everyone else here is saying---it is an excellent song and performance by Elvis.
rai (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 26, 2015report abuse
A very fabulous song but sadly didn't make it to be one of the commercial successes. Love this song to bits. Few alternate takes too. Meaningful song.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 25, 2015report abuse
Should be more well known. It's a real good performance from Elvis.
shoesuedeblues (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 25, 2015report abuse
Never rated the song at all a dirge
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 24, 2014report abuse
Fantastic song from a fantastic album. One of his best!
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2014report abuse
Funny thing is that this has not for some reason found its way on my playlists but listening to it right now I realise that my musical memory has let me down and can only admit to the class and delivery of the whole performance - 5 stars
sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 12, 2013report abuse
Is the M. Most the producer Mickie Most? I remember it's an English song. Elvis recorded several English songs, when Freddy Bienstock got hold on the publishing rights. This is one of the better songs.
ElvisSacramento (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 28, 2012report abuse
This is such a brilliant song and it should definitely be way better known than it actually is. It's one of Elvis' very best songs from the 1970's by far.
freedom101 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2011report abuse
A great song from one of the greatest live albums in history.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2010report abuse
Very underrated, good song ! Fantastic lyrics,I listen to that song a lot. He should have sing that song Live in 1969 or 1970..
GeoElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2010report abuse
Fantastic song! Elvis in top voice, from a Great album! This song (among Many) would have been great to see live! No one does it like The King! 5stars.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2010report abuse
Another gem from the TTWII LP. Not quite as good as "Just Pretend", but close. Sung with emotion, power and yet the slightest bit of vulnerability. 5 stars!
TBG (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2010report abuse
A great song!! I love the outtakes just as much as the studio version, and I agree with the reactions here - too bad he never did it live. This is a 5 star song, shows how versatile Elvis was.
JLpResLey (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 1, 2010report abuse
Yes, a very nice recording from a good album. I think it suited him very well. It would have been quite interesting to her him perform it on stage too.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2009report abuse
I always thought this was the best song from TTWII, better than Just Pretend, better than Stranger, etc. A great song & performance. A very mature Elvis! Too bad there is not more video of him at the piano. What a tease that was!

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