Gonna Get Back Home Somehow

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Words & Music: Doc Pomus/ Mort Shuman
Hear that old train whistle
howling in the night
If that flyer's southbound
Everything will be all right

I'm leaving now, leaving now, leaving now,
I'm gonna get back home somehow

Don't nobody tell me
baby's been untrue
If she's been unfaithful
I don't know what I'll do

I'm leaving now, leaving now, leaving now
I'm gonna get back home somehow

Never thought that I could miss her so
I never thought I could , now I know

The sound of the old train whistle
Makes me want to cry
Reminds me of that lonely feeling
When I said goodbye

I'm leaving now, leaving now, leaving now
I'm gonna get back home somehow
Recorded: 1962/03/18, first released on Pot Luck


JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 1, 2018report abuse
I loved this song when I was a kid and I still love it today. Never skip it. Love the Pot Luck LP. Song and LP, 4 stars.
atomic powered poste (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 31, 2018report abuse
It's a nice filler from a good (not outstanding) lp. Nothing is wrong with this song, it's enjoyable, but it had no hit potential at all. 3 stars from me.
hounddawgs6499 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 9, 2016report abuse
Great song from a great album. Too bad Elvis didn't do this one in his concerts during the '70s.
Jim Davidson (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 30, 2015report abuse
This is not a top of mind song for me. But, every time I hear "the sound of the old train whistle", I think it's a great song that would have fit nicely on Elvis is Back. Pot Luck's cover is very cool from a retro perspective. I surmise that LP buyers in the early 60s perceived it as castaways. How RCA overlooked Suspicion until it was recorded by Terry Stafford intrigues me.
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on May 11, 2014report abuse
I've always this song and Pot Luck the LP it came from. The album does't seem to be very popular these days but it's really not a bad album. I really got into Pot luck after hearing Suspicion , and some of the other songs from the album on the Tickle Me soundtrack EP. So it's now ome of my favorite Elvis albums . Incidentally the Pot Luck album could have been significantly differant if RCA put the then current singles from the sessions on the original record . By the way , the song is an excellant mid -tempo rocker with a good melody .
DerekH (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2014report abuse
Pot Luck was my 2nd Elvis album. Liked it back in 1962, still like it today, but prefer Elvis is Back and the Memphsis Albums. Returning to the song in question. I always wondered about the arrangement. So I was interested how it would sound when I heard they'd done a re-mix. It was great, best remix on the 10 track cd. So 2.5 points for the original, 4 points for the re-mix.
shawnrw (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 4, 2014report abuse
A thrilling, atmospheric blues/rocker that has always ranked very high with me. Elvis and his band are all over this and wring everything out of it. Another classic from "Pot Luck", although I wish they could have come up with a better name for the album than, "Pot Luck", makes the album sound unfocused which it was anything but.
sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2013report abuse
A great track, played very well. To me Elvis does sound into it; the way he leads the outro. No Little Sister though.
john804 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2012report abuse
ElvisSacramento (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2012report abuse
I've always liked this song immensely and it's always such a joy to listen to. "Pot Luck" is such a brilliant album and it's easily one of Elvis' very best albums too.
alanfalk (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 14, 2012report abuse
3.5 star song, Pot Luck album 4 stars. His sound/voice had changed since before his armt stint, not worse just different, glad he was not stock in the 50´ like some people seems to wish for.
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 12, 2012report abuse
A great favourite of mine and to me a true rocker. This is the type of rock song that suited him as his voice became more cultured and the early roughness of his voice disappeared.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2012report abuse
It is not a bad song, but it certainly is forgettable and a little boring. Along with "Night Rider" this feels very slight, like an imitation of real rock music. I don't want to be too hard on this track---I sing along when it comes on and it's a fun track, it just isn't on the level of, for example, anything from the Elvis Is Back album.
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2012report abuse
Not one of his better songs; rather bland and lackluster to be honest. There are much better songs on this album. Keep in mind, this was the second album where the "Nashville Sound" was really starting to take over. The ballads on this album were much better. The Elvis era of pure rock 'n roll stopped in 1958-1959 unfortunately.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 10, 2012report abuse
This isnt a bad song, just not a great song , and Pot Luck isnt a bad album, its just not a great album. For those looking for a good rock n roll song, this & Night Rider were the contenders but Elvis just doesnt seem to be into it and they never really live up to their potential. The whole LP is a very bland affair with Suspicion being the outstanding track.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 19, 2010report abuse
A fair rocker from the 1962 LP "Pot Luck, which was easily the worst non-soundtrack LP of Elvis' in the 60's. This song is not bad, but far from his greatest rock and roll recordings. 3 stars.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2008report abuse
The best songs on Pot Luck were from Pomus/Shuman and this is one of them.
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2008report abuse
Pot Luck is one of my favourite albums although this song is not a particular favourite. Having said that it is performed and engineered with perfection as are all the songs on the album
OtisBlue22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2008report abuse
An awesome, imaginative, atmospheric rocker from my favourite album.

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