Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall

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Words & Music: Larry Gatlin
I told her to leave me alone
That's what she's done, just what she's done
And a house built for two, ain't a home
When it's lived in by one, one lonely one

And I can no longer hear footsteps, come right down the hall
Here come the teardrops, bitter they are, harder they fall
She caught me lying, then she caught a train
And I caught a fever walking home in the rain
Oh yeah!
But it's over and I’m done
She left me once and for all
Here come the teardrops, bitter they are, harder they fall
Here come the teardrops, bitter they are, harder they fall
Recorded: 1976/02/02, first released on From Elvis Presley Boulevard


Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 30, 2017report abuse
Not one of my favorites. Just drags on; too slow, way too slow. The lyrics are fine, it's the arrangement that stinks.
Great Dane (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2016report abuse
Yes this sad like most of the album. But for me this is pure perfection. 5 stars for the album and song.
Jim Davidson (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 15, 2016report abuse
To me, the Jungle Room sessions generated some of Elvis' best work. There is much more emotion in songs like Bitter They Are, The Harder They Fall than in a lot of his earlier recordings.
cookingfat (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2013report abuse
Not struck on the album but I love this Larry Gatlin song, which Elvis bettered.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2013report abuse
"Bitter they are, harder they fall" is a strong Performance from Elvis and his backup vocalists and band. The "Elvis Presley Blvd-album" was a real good album, but it could have used a few happier songs added in the mix. After the powerful rocking "For the Heart" it goes into slow heartbreak. Love the songs: For the Heart/Hurt/Blue eyes crying in the Rain/Bitter they are, harder they fall /Never Again/The Last Farewell/I'll never Fall in Love Again/Love Coming Down/ The 2 slow tracks, I would have replaced on the album (and use them on another album) in favor of 2 uptempo Rockers, would have been the songs "Solitaire" and "Danny Boy". Those 2 songs, which are real good, are the ones, that seem slower than the rest.
In-A-Flash (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2013report abuse
A heartfelt performance from a heartbreaking album. The end was near and this album is just too much sadness.
ElvisSacramento (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2013report abuse
This is such a splendid and underrated song and Elvis' rendition of it was brilliant. It's one of two songs that Elvis recorded that was written by Larry Gatlin. I love the entire "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" album. The other song that Elvis recorded that was written by Larry Gatlin is "Help Me".
sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 26, 2013report abuse
I love sad songs and this one is great, even in the original version. But you can not beat Elvis at his own game. An awesome job he did.
Gorse (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 13, 2012report abuse
Yes a sad song, but beautifully sung by Elvis as he digs deep into his soul and reaches the heart of this listener
SatninTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2010report abuse
Even though this is a well sung song with heart this is THE MOST depressing album of Elvis' entire career. Of course it's understandable why he would choose this kind of material given the state of his personal life at that moment-every fan can connect to that. But i also think that most fans would agree this is NOT the Elvis that we came to love. Most songs on this LP are well performed but it*s much 2 sad 2 listen 2. EP 4EVER
bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 10, 2010report abuse
I like this one! Actually I have always had a heart for the album also. When I got the LP back then, it was wintertime and long dark nights over here. The album suited the mood of those long, cold and dark nights. It was something special about Elvis' singing and the mood of the album. As such it became a favourite Elvis album of it's own. Some people don't like this album! To each their own! Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall could well have been the album title!
shoesuedeblues (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 9, 2010report abuse
Love the song and Elvis' performance a far better version than Larry Gatlin's. Elvis put so much emotion into the song.
Elvis Rimes (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 8, 2010report abuse
A wonderful track from an awesome album, his voice is packed with much more power and emotion than some of his previous 70s albums. A real tightrope this album, you live every line of some of those songs. 5 stars * * * * *
JER (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 8, 2010report abuse
A incredible performance as only Elvis could do it. Recorded in the Jungle Room, the producer end engineer did an incredible job.
LonElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 8, 2010report abuse
One of my favorite songs on my favorite album. This is a song that Elvis obviously feels and is connected with on a spiritual level....and as a result he pours his heart and sould into it. Elvis never made a "truer" album than the Boulevard album. It's true in every aspect of the word - including the material and his performances.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 7, 2010report abuse
One of the better tracks from a woeful album.
shoesuedeblues (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 7, 2010report abuse
A track which I love to play albeit from one of Elvis' worst albums.
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 7, 2010report abuse
A solid ballad from an outstanding LP ("From Elvis Presley Boulevard Memphis, Tennessee). Not one of my personal favorites, but Elvis gives this song the same emotion and good vocals as he gives the other nine songs on this album. The words, like the other Gatlin tune Elvis recorded "Help Me" are not perfect lyrics, but Elvis makes the most of them. Yes this album contains a lot of sad songs, but so did most of Elvis' post movie albums and they normally were the highlights of the albums. "From Elvis In Memphis" ("Long Black Limousine", "In The Ghetto", "It Keeps Right On A Hurtin", etc), "Good Times ("My Boy", "Lovin' Arms", "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"), heck even the celebration of "Aloha From Hawaii" had "You Gave Me A Mountain", "I'll Remember You", "What Now My Love" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Anyhow, 4 star song on a 5 star album.
Adams (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 7, 2010report abuse
Well, I think Boulevard IS a concept album. And it's great. Bitter they are is one of the highlights from this album. Beautiful rendition from El, touching lyrics. Also great outtakes on Jungle room FTD with infamous "shoot all the dogs!" phrase.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2009report abuse
This is a song I tend to forget about, but when I hear it, I really like it. Yes it is a depressing song from an album pretty much full of depressing songs. But lots and lots of artists have put out albums like that. Sinatra certainly did--listen to In The Wee Small Hours or Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely. And those are very very highly regarded albums. To me, this album falls somewhat into that category. And this is a song that fits the mold.

(BTW--how cool it would have been if Elvis had done a few concept albums? Aside from Elvis Country, every other studio album of the 70s was a mish-mash of material. I really focused thematically tied together album late in his career really would have been amazing to me. The mostly depressing tracks on this album are as close to it as he got.)
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2009report abuse
Well, I would opt for a paradigm shift and say: if this is what Presley was living in those days, it is an honest and couragous, and personal abum. To me, as sad as it is, the song contains great metaphors like: She caught me lying, then she caught a train. And I caught a fever walking home in the rain. I don't know if we are allowed to judge the album the way it's been done regarding the context the singer was involved in. It is what it is. It is what the man was in his day, when he choose those songs, the comparison to the movie years is rather odd minded, due to the fact that these songs are far from b-movie nonsence.
Jimmy Boy (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2009report abuse
A dreadful song from an even worse album! Along with some of his 60's film soundtrack stuff , i rate this as his worst recordings.
theoldscudder (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
Yes this is a depressing song from a very unlistenable album. The whole Lp was just a downer. I will never listen to it again. I prefer the other side of Elvis.
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
sad but beautiful ballad. One of the best songs from a great album
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
One of the better songs from an otherwise very depressing album & one I havent played in years. Yeah I hear all the opinions about sincerity & heartfelt performances, but the truth is Elvis was at a very bad stage in his life in 1976 and his voice wasnt as versatile as it once was. Id rather hear the Elvis of 1956 than 1976 anytime.
Elvis Rimes (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
Not the cheeriest song ever recorded by Elvis, but was sung with conviction and sincerity. A real insight into his life at the time. 5 stars
Clambake67 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2008report abuse
from a great album but cant say the same for this cut.......Cant like em' all.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
Now, a song like this is the Elvis I love. Sincere, heartfelt, gut-wrenching. Superb!
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
wonderful song. Pure and sincere. I love him.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
Best version ever on "The Jungle Room Sessions" ! Good ballad, little sad though. But that was in 1976 so it fitted Elvis live at that moment guitte well....
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
A True Masterpiece!! i really love this song, i can listen to it all day
FLASHBOY (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
From Elvis Presley boulevard is an album where Elvis speaks wth his heart one of my favorite album no doubt about that. He was pouring his feelings throught the microphone and i think he was kind of sad during that time but he delivers an amazing performance with this album in 1976.
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
Never really liked this song. Far to bitter and hard for my taste. Instead of recording this type of songs, from 1975 on Elvis, should had put some jeans on, fired all his Mafia and Big Band, grab only the TCB Band and Rock the Hell of the World!
Matthias Kuenzer (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2008report abuse
The best song on From Elvis Presley Boulevard, an album dominated by sad and melancholic songs. At that time, Elvis recorded almost exclusively songs that spoke to him, that had a meaning for him. The lines "She caught me lying, then she caught a train, and I caught a fever walking home in the rain" sum up the events in his personal life in 71-73. Sung with soul and conviction as only Elvis could. Brilliant.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 16, 2008report abuse
both original and Elvis' are great. Can't listen to it too often to prevent from hanging myself..
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 23, 2008report abuse
This is another good Larry Gatlin song and one of my 70s favourites from Elvis. A bit mournful though!

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