February 25, 1961

Tennessee governor Buford Ellington and Memphis mayor Henry Loeb both declared this day "Elvis Presley Day". At a special luncheon at the Hotel Claridge, Elvis was presented by RCA with a diamond studded watch to honor record sales of more than 75 million. Sam Philips asked why Sun Records got so little recognition for Elvis ' success, reminding everyone that "RCA wouldn't have him if it wasn't for Philips."

Elvis performed at the Memphis Charity Show, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis at 3.00 and 8.30 p.m.
Attendance at the first show was 3,860 and at the second 6,540. The comedian George Jessel introduced Elvis in the evening as "one of the greatest singer-actors of this century."
After the evening show Elvis hold a party at Graceland.

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