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Cut Me & I Bleed


Cut Me & I Bleed
Double G DG 003


Ode to a Robin
Wings Of An Angel
U.S. Male (take 4)
A Hunderd Years From Now (uncut)
Got My Mojo Working (uncut)
I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (uncut)
Only The Strong Survive (uncut)
It's Midnight (rehearsal Aug. 16, 1974)
Promised Land (rehearsal Aug. 16, 1974)
Cindy, Cindy (uncut)
Goin' Home (takes 16/19)
Beach Shack (Takes 1/3)
Don't Cry Daddy (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Heart Of Rome (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Memories (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Stranger In My Own Home Town (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (live, Aug. 19 1974)
You Gave Me A Molehill (studio rehearsal March 31, 1972)
Polk A Little sock Salad (studio rehearsal March 31, 1972)
An American Trilogy (live, August 30, 1974)
Monologue (Drug Story)


What can you say about this release, well, it's a bootleg of bootlegs, there is no new material here on this cd, but just a compilation of songs that contains humorous outtakes and a cursing Elvis and other bad languages from studio/live/rehearsals taken from CD's like Hang Loose, Desert Storm, Brightest star, Lost on Tour and so on. On the back you can read a warning too that this cd contains explicit languages, well, you have been warned!!

7 / 10