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Across The Country, Volume 1


Across The Country, Volume 1
Audionics 2005-04-2
Show date:


Hartford, Connecticut, 28.07.1976 (8:30 P.M.)

(Approx. running time: 47:33)

01. Also Sprach Zarathustra / 02. C. C. Rider / 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) / 04. Love Me / 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) / 06. You Gave Me A Mountain / 07. Band Introductions / 08. Early Mornin' Rain / 09. Chickin'Pickin' / What'd I Say (medley) / 10. Johnny B. Goode / 11. Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) / 12. Bass Solo #1 (Blues - by Jerry Scheff) / 13. Bass Solo #2 (Battle Of New Orleans - by Jerry Scheff) / 14. Piano Solo (by Tony Brown) / 15. Electric Piano Solo (by David Briggs) / 16. Love Letters / 17. School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) / 18. Happy Birthday (to "Kitten" Kahane, daughter of comedian Jackie Kahane) / 19. Hurt (with last part reprise) / 20. Hound Dog / 21. Can't Help Falling In Love / 22. Closing Vamp / Announcements.

23. Jackie Kahane speaks out in Jim Neighbors TV show, 1978 (03:00)

Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 08.09.1976 (8:30 P.M.)

(Approx. running time: 06:15)

24. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me (sung by Kathy Westmoreland) / 25. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley).

Jackson, Mississippi, 05.09.1976 (8:30 P.M.)

(Approx. running time: 07:17)

26. Blue Christmas (Elvis on acoustic guitar) / 27. Jingle Bells (instrumental, by the band) 28. How Great Thou Art / 29. Monologue / 30. Can't Help Falling In Love (incomplete).

Highlights from Dayton, Ohio, 06.10.1974 (8:30 P.M.)

(Approx. running time: 14:07)

31. Big Boss Man / 32. The Wonder Of You / 33. Lawdy Miss Clawdy / 34. That's All Right, Mama (with false start, Elvis on acoustic guitar) / 35. Hawaiian Wedding Song (with last part reprise) / 36. Johnny B. Goode



A couple of weeks ago this CD on the Audionics label was released, claiming to be created “straight from the 1st generation soundboard tapes”.


There has been taken care of the design, but to be honest, you can’t really get a high level cover and booklet with an Elvis in this shape. Sometimes we do understand EPE's picture policy.


Although not too fond of 1976 shows, we gave this “1st generation soundboard” a try, only to find out that the brand of the original tape must have been pretty obscure. The sound on this release was not really enjoyable. Way too high, and a strange distortion makes it sound like it was recorded in a metal tunnel or something like that. Therefore we decided to give up halfway “See See Rider” and put something more enjoyable with Elvis’ name on it in our player. Fortunately we have enough to choose from.


Probably we are spoilt by now, and we might have enjoyed this release 15 years ago, but with all the better quality material (both content and audio) available we filed this release to our archive as “cabinet filling”. For completists only.

5 / 10