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Echoes Of Love Sessions

Movie outtakes

Echoes Of Love Sessions


This CD is done in sixties design like the original which goes with the tracks on the CD's. The two-page booklet contains background information (provided by Elvis Unlimited) on the session and some of the tracks that were recorded. It also states that this release could be seen as an addition to the 1991 RCA release "For The Asking - The Lost Album".

Looking at the track listing that's correct. The different out-takes are presented as they were recorded and with the amount of out-takes (max. five) per title it's easy listening to the different versions.

The sound on this CD is O.K. it's more of the same overall level than earlier releases. Probably the sources for this release were of better quality or more tracks from the same source were available. The CD has a playing time of over 76 minutes.

The thematic presentation of the songs is a good idea and works, because of the number of takes presented, very well. The fact that these versions are now "legally" available is great for the fans who had no possibility to obtain these version before because only a few of them were released by RCA and the other versions only on bootlegs (e.g. "Girls, Girls and more Girls").

8 / 10