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Billion Records EPC 001


Jailhouse Rock (from the promo Elvis '68)
Kentucky Rain
Guitar Man/ What'd I Say
After Loving You
Too Much Monkey Business
Just Call Me Lonesome
Lovin' Arms
You Asked Me Too
Clean Up Your Own Backyard
She Thinks I Still Care
Faded Love
I'm Movin' On
(tracks above from the Guitar man CD)
It's Only Love (longer version)
The Sound Of Your Cry (Extended version)
The Twelfth Of Never (overdub)
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (extended version with original horn dubbings)
Mean Woman Blues (re-mix)
Baby Let's Play House (from the album "I was the one")
Rip It Up (from the album "I was the one")
Paralyzed (from the album "I was the one")
Bossa Nova Baby (extended version)
The Elvis Medley
An American Trilogy (Live, April 9, 1972 from the soundtrack "This is Elvis")


Here we have a new CD release from another new label "Billion Records". Well, to begin with, there's nothing new on this CD release, all the tracks has been released before on other (hard to get) BMG CD's like the re-mixed album "Guitar man", that the Elvis fans love or hate. Including one extra bonus song "Kentucky rain" that was not released on the orginal album, but was put on the Bilko Import CD "The other side of memphis". Futher we have here the extended version of "It's only love" & "The sound of your cry", and also the remixed songs from the "I was the one" album. Bossa Nova baby (extended version) was released on the 1st Elvis latino CD, that is pretty hard to find, and the CD close with the (in)- famous Elvis Medley and "An American trilogy" from the This is Elvis soundtrack, that is still my favorite version of Trilogy. To summarize this CD, this is not a very interesting CD, only for the die hard collectors, and the Fans who didn't have the original BMG albums in their collection. Billion Records tried to improve the sound a little, and only 500 copies were made of this release, and that's more than enough!!!

9 / 10