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My, It's Been A Long, Long Time


My, It's Been A Long, Long Time
Luxor 4931-2
Show date:


Sweet Inspiration (performed by Sweet Inspirations)
The Last Time I Saw Him (performed by Sweet Inspirations)
Introductions (performed by Sweet Inspirations)
(Live, October 16t, 1976, Duluth, Minnesota)
Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/ Amen
Love Me
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
You Gave Me A Mountain
All Shook Up/ Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel
And I Love You So
Blue Suede Shoes
America, The Beautiful
Early Morning Rain
What'd I Say
Johnny B. Goode
Love Letters
Hail Hail Rock And Roll
Love Me Tender
Funny How Time Slips Away
Hound Dog
Can't Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp


This is the very,very long awaited Greensboro 30.6.76 show from Elvis. Originally this was advertised in late 96' certainly I took at the time the advertised Label 'Infinity' as a Joke from the 'Bootleggers' On the liner notes it says it was Digital audio restored in October 1996, so obviously the makers deliberatly made us wait-indeed certain friends of mine had 'excerpts' of songs from this release in their possesion in 1997! Well FINALLY this long awaited CD has arrived on the 'New' LUXOR Label and as their 2nd release on this label they seem to be carrying on the same high standard for releases as the Famous releases from Diamond Anniversary Editions did so well in 1995.Of the 30 tracks listed the first 3 come from a soundboard recorded in Duluth 16.10.76. This makes me ask why? don't we then get the whole of the 16.10.76 show to follow? beats me as instead we get the complete Greensboro 30.6.76 show which taking off the 8 minutes for the Sweet Inspirations 3 tracks leaves us with a 66 minute show.
The whole Package is SUPERB! 7 full page Photos taken from the Actual show accompany a full track listing,review from the Greensboro Record on page 3 and full details of all musicians and vocalists on page 6 of the 8 page booklet.The photos are in Colour(Elvis in his Blue Bi-centennial suit with white shirt) and apart from a nice front cover CD side profile shot the other good picture is on page 8 of the booklet showing Elvis kneeling down on the edge of the stage talking with a young lady-great shot! However the Pictures here verify what fans were saying in the reviews by the Greensboro Record and Daily News, which is that Elvis DOES look TIRED, in fact overweight and tired.As was often the case however he sounds(for the most part) MUCH BETTER than he looks which is a relief.The reviewers Harvey Harris and Ernie Neff both note that althrough Elvis has obviously slowed down it didn't stop him singing well and having a good time reaching out to touch many fans and his folksy talk. The Newspapers also note that just as ticket scalping was a real problem around Elvis's 21.7.75 show it was possibly even worse surrounding this show! Repotedly some tickets were selling from Scalpers for as much as $600! worse was the fact that this was BLATENT money making around Elvis from people who often wouldn't even go to the show themselves-well what kind of a show was it for the 16,000 paying fans?

The Actual CD starts in good sound with a rather rushed version of Sweet Inspiration by the Sweet Inspirations. Better is their next song which is slower and allows then to sing individually as well- 'The Last Time I saw Him' intros of themseves and band continue before fading(the audience sound tired of waiting!) out to 2001 Theme as the real Greensboro 30.6.76 show starts. Straight away the sound balence tells me that this is a soundboard from the TOP SHELF! The sound is clear including clear Bass and Brass sounds.SEE SEE RIDER follows a long Opening Riff. Straight away Elvis sound STRONG in voice,althrough detectably a little tired.However you can hear every word of the song clearly and Elvis's voice is right up front in a balenced sound mix.During I GOT A WOMAN next Elvis shows good vocal range and shows his humour when he stops Gyrating during 'Amen' to announce 'to be continued later...'-what a tease!.LOVE ME recieves a False start as Elvis complains about the poor sound up on stage and Elvis has a lot of Fun whilst being presented with a cake.

During IF YOU LOVE ME Elvis seems distracted by the noisy fans around the stage so it's an average version.Elvis seems more interested in kissing a female fan before YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN and when he changes lines to 'It's been one Scarf after another' you know it's not being taken seriously yet.The Medley's of ALL SHOOK UP TEDDY BEAR/DON'T BE CRUEL amount to not much more than Scarf giving away songs,yet despite interuptions AND I LOVE YOU SO is sincere.Elvis has one girl screaming most of the concert through as she wants a scarf,then someone has stolen her scarf and on and on-Elvis groans as he has this distraction to deal with stageside as well as trying to sing and receive gifts and kiss the girls.Whilst handing out scarves 'wholesale' Elvis says to a girl 'Here, it's all yours','don't worry Iv'e got more' Sure seems like a rough way to make a living-and Elvis had this to do every night ON TOUR!.BLUE SUEDE SHOES really picks the show up and at last here's a respectable 1976 version!The Concert QUALITY improves from now onwards.After a nice FEVER Elvis again complains about the sound.The audience seem quite noisy and a Guy shouts loudly at Elvis before 'America' Elvis sings this well and he seems very sincere in each word of the song-good version.During the good,but lengthy Intros from Elvis is where I really am noticing that this Soundboard is really great quality I can hear every utterance clearly.Althrough here Early Morning Rain is another short version Elvis's voice is really superb, when he sings 'with an aching in my heart' you can really feel his emotional involvement in this song is just perfect!

WHAT D'SAY is ok for a 'Snatch' of the song and J.B.GOODE is funny as Elvis says J. Burton can play the guitar better behind his head than J.Wilkinson can play it in front!-but of coarse Elvis is just kidding!. Ron Tutt'S solo is good followed by J.Scheff playing a Funky 'Battle of New Orleans' and his slow 'Blues' solo as well -afterwoods Elvis decides he doesn't like it all that much.Next up Tony Brown plays his Piano and Elvis wails in the Background.This must have been a memorable show for Tony as Elvis then introduces him to the Audience saying he's from Greensboro and that Tony's Mother and Father are here as well.Elvis asks David Briggs for a short solo which goes straight into LOVE LETTERS. This is the CONCERT HIGHLIGHT so far Elvis's mind here is totally on his singing as he ignores the noisy audience and gives a hearfelt version where every word counts.Also in LOVE LETTERS special mention should be made of Ron Tutt's fine subtle drumming here.Elvis introduces Charlie Hodge before joining in with the Orchestra for School Days. LOVE ME TENDER is performed next-not rushed and it's a really nice version.Elvis then announces he has a new record which he'd like to sing for you right now. The 1st version of HURT is an average version.Elvis then sings the whole song right through again. This 2nd version is better and althrough I'm disapointed that Elvis didn't go up higher with this 2nd attept he does 'hold' the ending powerfully and longer.

FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY is average during which Elvis gets a Police Officers attention controling the crowd.Just like 1 year ago Elvis delights in getting J.D.Sumner to repeat the low note ending.HOUND DOG is just another scarf 'throwaway' version,then Elvis then makes an announcement. Elvis says 'Since he was here last time he was in Hospital for a little something,which wasn't big and he's over that now and glad to be back working again' What was Elvis doing by saying this? Sounds like he's trying to convince himself! Finally after Elvis lets Greensboro know they were Fantastic and they just have to give him notice and he'll be back Elvis closes the show with CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE and a long 2 minutes of closing vamp,then the full Al Dvorin announcements(at least the Concert is complete here).

This has been an average show from this tour. By that I'm thinking that the Largo,Tulsa and Memphis shows were much better. Elvis looks tired and sometimes seems overly distracted by what sounds like a difficult to control audience. On the plus side the sound REALLY IS EXCELLENT as good as DAE Tuscaloosa and Cincinatti show releases in 1995.I would also argue that this is a better show than those other 2 releases too.Why by the next tour we certainly wouldn't be getting around 22 songs from Elvis.I would also rate Elvis's vocal performance as better than these 2

10 / 10