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Kiss Me Quick Little Sister


Kiss Me Quick Little Sister
KMQ 1061


Kiss Me Quick (take 1)
I'm Yours (take 2)
Kiss Me Quick (take 2)
That's Someone You Never Forget (takes 2,3,4,5)
I'm Yours (takes 3,4)
Kiss Me Quick (take 3)
His Latest Flame (rehearsal + takes 1,2)
Little Sister (takes 1,2,3)
Kiss Me Quick (take 4)
His Latest Flame (take 3)
Kiss Me Quick (takes 5,6)
I'm Yours (take 5 + workpart takes 1,2)
That's Someone You Never Forget (takes 6,7)
Kiss Me Quick (take 7)
His Latest Flame (take 4)
Little Sister (takes 4,5,6)
Kiss Me Quick (takes 8,9)
His Latest Flame (takes 5,6)
Little Sister (takes 7,8,9,10)
Kiss Me Quick (take 10)
His Latest Flame (takes 7,9,10,11 - no take 8 excist)
Kiss Me Quick (take 11)


When I first heard about this release I thought: OK lets hear it, and after I did that I have to admit that it sounds pretty cool, it don't come in a jewelcase or cardboard (the last one was a nicer idea) but very simple in a paper sleeve, stock in a plastic holder (it was a nice present for Valentine day). We have here the complete session of Kiss me quick + That's someone you never forget + His latest flame + I'm yours + Little sister (the last one can also be heard on the import release "Alternate golden records Vol: 3, the little sister session" on the OMS label). The CD looks very dark and I'm wondering which his/her lips are on the CD, I think to make it look a little bit nice they have listed the praise "Promo CD - not for sale" on the CD, but it is a good sound that comes out of the speakers from my stereo-system and that what counts, doesn't it? I will try to review each sessions, and it's my first great review so I hope you like it, here it is.

Kiss me quick (takes 1 - 11): Elvis had to cut 11 takes before he was satisfied, and you can hear he is in the mood to do this song, in the beginning he is fooling around with the bandmembers and try to sing high and low notes, but at the last takes you hear that he gets more serious, some of the takes they tried are with Elvis his voice at the background, so you can hear the musicians try there very best to make it sound very sharp and that's what Elvis liked.

That's someone you never forget (takes 2 - 7): If you listen to it very good, you hear that they almost went through the gospel-side, although this song has nothing to do with gospel. The first takes they stopped at the middle of the song, because Elvis seems to have a little problem with the high notes. My mother in law also likes this CD because "this is pure Elvis" she said. The last few takes are a bit serious then the first takes.

His latest flame (rehearsal + takes 1 - 7, 9 - 11): With the rehearsal they try to figure out what they had to do with guitarmusic at the beginning, Elvis sings a couple of lines from the song and then quiet, to do a second take, this will go on till take 4/5, and after that, the takes begin to sound OK, Elvis sounds more selfassure as the takes get longer, till they do a whole take. It is a sing-a-long song.

I'm yours (takes 2 - 5, workpart takes 1 - 2): Almost every take goes perfect (in my ears), they only needed a few takes for this song, I think Elvis was after 5 takes and 2 workparttakes, very satisfied with the song. The song looks a little like the song we have here in Holland the socalled "Smartlap". I dont like this kind of songs, but for someone who is a lover of Elvis doing ballads it's a must. I have to say that there was almost no fooling around on this session, only Elvis and his bandmembers in a good mood to cut a song in a couple of takes, very nice to listen to.

Little sister (takes 1 - 10): What do I have to say about this session, it is from the beginning till the end one big hit, this release of the little sister session was also released on the import CD "Alternate Golden Records Vol: 3". On this import release from KMQ, the soundquality is a little bit better, so for the ones out there who haven't the import CD Golden rec. 3 can buy this CD for the same session.

Michel Pathuis

10 / 10