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I Was The One


I Was The One
Teddy Bear TB 05


Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Live, August 11, 1970)
The Wonder Of You (Live, August 13, 1970)
Don't Cry Daddy (Live, August 13, 1970)
In The Ghetto (Live, August 13, 1970)
There Goes My Everything (Live, August 11, 1970)
Make The World Go Away (Live, August 13, 1970)
Just Pretend (Live, August 11, 1970)
Heartbreak Hotel (Live, August 11, 1970)
Twenty Days, Twenty Nights (Live, August 12, 1970)
Love Me (Live, August 11, 1970)
Hound Dog (Live, August 11, 1970)
Don't Be Cruel (Live, August 11, 1970)
I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
I Was The One
Baby, Let's Play House
Money Honey
(Above songs are rehearsals from the MGM lot, July 29, 1970)
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel
Are You Lonesome Tonight
I Can't Stop Loving You
How Great Thou Art
(Recorded live, April 9, 1972, Hampton roads, Virginia)
Release Me
(Live, April 14, 1972, Greensboro, North Carolina)
I Can't Stop Loving You
(Rehearsal MGM lot July 29, 1970)


This is a reissue of the "The Lost Performances" CD

8 / 10