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International Heatwave


International Heatwave
Flashback EDC-1006 DA


The Next Step Is Love
Crying Time
What'd I Say
Strangers In The Crowd
How The Web Was Woven
I Just Can't Help Believin'
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
(Above songs are recording during rehearsals July 1970)
Bridge Over Troubled Water
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Mary In The Morning
Polk Salad Annie
(Above songs are recording during rehearsals August 1970)
That's All Right (August 10, 1970)
Patch It Up (August 13, 1970)
Dialogue (August 13, 1970)
Patch It Up (August 13, 1970)
Love Me Tender (August 13, 1970)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (August 13, 1970)
Sweet Caroline (August 1970)
I Just Can't Help Believin' (August 13, 1970)
Mystery Train/ Tiger Man (August 10, 1970)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (August 13, 1970)
Heartbreak Hotel (August 1970)
One Night (August 1970)
Blue Suede Shoes (August 1970)
All Shook Up (August 1970)
Polk Salad Annie (August 1970)
I've Lost You (August 13, 1970)
Suspicious Minds (August 1970)
Can't Help Falling In Love (August 1970)
Closing Tune (August 1970)


As most of you probably know, International Heatwave is an audio copy of the That's The Way It Is. I was really looking forward to getting a cd of the actual movie, unlike RCA/BMG’s release of mostly studio and other takes not shown in the movie, I wouldn’t consider that a soundtrack to a movie.

International Heatwave features the studio rehearsals, stage rehearsals and the live show from the International Hotel, Las Vegas. Fortunately, not featured on this CD is the dialogue by fans, hotel employees, guests, etc. which should be scrapped anyway! First I should mention that this period of Elvis’ career is my favorite. I am a big fan of That's The Way It Is. But, I was really disappointed in this disc.

I won’t review the performances, since I sure everyone has seen or owns the video. The sound quality is fairly good. What I found very distracting is the speed at which it plays, the sound is noticeably too fast. I own a couple Sony Mini Disc Recorders (basically, a 3 1/2’ recordable CD). I made a recording directly from a VHS That's The Way It Is onto my minidisc recorder. The sound was much better then the International Heatwave disc, and the speed was correct.

All in all, the recording I made is far superior to this title. If I can do this with my home audio gear, I’m sure someone can produce a better quality product in a studio using a laser disc as a sound source and increasing sound quality with equalizers, noise suppressers and other bells and whistles.

Overall, I would not recommend this to the casual Elvis CD collector, there are other items that are superior (and there are others far worse). The tracking speed is annoying. Another drawback was my ability to produce a recording at home that was superior to this product. Aside from that, performances are great, and the sound quality is fairly good.

Reviewed by John Sterlini USA

8 / 10