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If You Talk In Your Sleep


If You Talk In Your Sleep
Fort Baxter 2094
Show date:
Las Vegas


Big Boss Man
Proud Mary
Down In The Alley
Good Ttime Charlie's Got The Blues
Never Been To Spain
It's Midnight
If You Talk In Your Sleep
I'm Leavin'
Let Me Be There
Softly As I Leave You
If You Love Me
Love Me Tender
Polk Salad Annie
Band introductions
Promised Land
My Baby Left Me
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Hound Dog
Can't Help Falling In Love


This one give us the Opening Night show from Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, and what Opening Night, really amazing and very special with a lot of great songs, many of them performed only this night.

It all started wiht Big Boss Man, at last a concert opened with a different song. Always since 1972 CC Rider has been the opening song (above 99%), but this time Elvis decided to do a different concert. It's very sad to know the great amount of songs Elvis never performed live, but I think the blame is on the people and also on Elvis. We can hear the little enthusiam of the people for the new kind of show, they always wanted to hear the same old and very boring songs: Love me tender, I got a woman, Love me and too many other, and Elvis never did an effort to change it; in the concerts from 1976 we can see it, always the same 5 or 6 first song, nenver a change, really dissapointing, with all his charism, I can't imagine how Elvis never did anything.

But back to the concert, after this amazing start, Proud Mary, good song also, and then, 2 highlights: "Down in the alley" and "Good times Charlie's got the blues", it's really fantastic to be able to hear these two songs performed live. We must remember Elvis did 5 days of rehearsing for this engagement, and he tried many songs (just hear the Disc 1 of " From Sunset blvrd to paradise road").

Follow Never been to spain (another great one), "It's midnight" and "If you talk in your" (from his next LP at this time), the first one beautiful as usual ant├žd the other powerful. Then it comes "I'm leaving" from 1971, another beautiful song, sung only a very few times after 1972 (2 times this engagement), "Let me be there" follows and then, it comes "If you love me", "Love me tender" (sung for the stupid people that didn't know how to appreciate the purpose of changing the repertoire of the concerts). Then, the Introductions and before the introduction of Telly Savallas, "Promised Land" one of the best Elvis' songs from the 70's.

For completing this Opening Night, "My baby left me", "Bridge over trobled water" ( a little bit uninspired version), "Fever", "Hound dog" and as usual, for ending the shows "Can't help falling in love" (why not another like when he closed with The impossible dream on Jan-Feb. '71). Abridging, a fantastic Opening Night, with several songs sung only this night, in good quality.

Review by Alfredo

8 / 10