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From The Bottom Of My Heart


From The Bottom Of My Heart
Savanah Records BK 4895


Western Union (alternate mix)
Ask Me (alternate mix)
Have A Happy (alternate take)
Let Us Pray (alternate take)
Change Of Habit (alternate take)
Ask Me (# 2)
Girl Happy
Beach Shack (alternate mix)
I've Got To Find My Baby
There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (alternate mix)
Roustabout (alternate take)
John Paris interview (recorded in Germany)
Fame And Fortune (# 2)
Frankfort Special (# 2)
Wooden Heart (# 3)
Such A Night (# 2,3,4)
A Cane And A High Starched Collar (# 2)
Award presentations to Elvis (Recorded in Honolulu, 1961)
I'm Beginning To Forget You (Recorded at Graceland)
Monal Lisa (Recorded at Graceland)
Guadalajara (# 2)
If I Can Dream (# 4)
Let It Be Me (live)
The Impossible Dream (live)
Reconsider Baby (live)
I'll Remember You (live)
Tony Prince intervieuw
Jaycee Award speech
Aloha from Hawaii press conference


All those songs are ripped-of from other albums

5 / 10