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Fried Bananas, Ice Cream & Gatorade


Fried Bananas, Ice Cream & Gatorade
Mongoose CD 027


A Little Less Conversation (instrumental from the '68 Comeback)
Monoloque/ Johnny B. Goode/ Monologue (from Elvis On Tour)
Promised Land (motherfucker version)
This Is My Heaven (FOV take 2).
This Is My Heaven (FOV Take 4)
Signs Of The Zodiac (movie soundtrack)
Wolf Call (acetate)
'69 monoloque
Let Yourself Go (instrumental '68 special)
Nearer My God To Thee (Lost on tour)
It's Now Or Never (live unknown date, probably feb '71)
I Got A Woman ('68 dress rehearsel)
Yesterday/Hey Jude (live '69).
Hound Dog (live probably feb '71).
Unchained Melody (Pittsburgh 31/12/1976).
Intro/ Heartbreak Hotel/ All Shook Up/ Hound Dog (8pm stand up show '68).
Blue Moon/ Young Love/ Happy Day ('68 dress rehearsel).
A Big Hunk o' Love (lost on tour)
Girls, Girls, Girls # 2 (elvis rocks and the girls roll acetate).
Maternity suit monoloque (kickin' back).
Drugs monoloque (idem).
Hawaiian Wedding Song (idem).