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The Man In White, Volume 1


The Man In White, Volume 1
Lone Star A-131415
Show date:
Forth Worth


See See Rider
I Got A Woman/ Amen
Love Me
Trying To Get To You
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me Lord?
Suspicious Minds
Band Intros
I Can't Stop Loving You
Help Me
An American Trilogy
Let Me Be There
Funny How Time Slips Away
Big Boss Man
Can't Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp


The Lone Star label has just released the new CD “ The Man In White vol.1 “containing a soundboard recording from the June 15th 1974 Fort Worth afternoon show. The artwork is sober and similar to other outings from this label. The photographs on the front cover, back inner sleeve and back cover with Elvis wearing the Aqua Blue Phoenix jumpsuit are from the fourth show done in Fort Worth ( June 16th 1974 evening performance ).

The inside inner sleeve contains a picture taken after the December 30th 1976 Atlanta show and a large street banner announcing the “ Elvis Summer Festival “ in Las Vegas. There’s also a mention saying “ Coming Soon : The Man In White vol. 2 “, which will contain the September 6th 1976 show in Huntsville, AL. I would assume here it’ll be the matinee show since the evening show was previously released on “ Elvis Still Rocking The Nation “.

The show features on this CD is the opening show of the June 1974 tour. He came on stage with his “ Peacock jumpsuit “ which he confirmed before “ Love Me “ when he says “ Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I’m the NBC peacock “. The show would be complete if the 2001 theme included.

Elvis started the show with his usual opening number ( C.C. Rider ) and followed with “ I Got A Woman/Amen “. The sound is rather good overall and similar to the other soundboard we’ve got from this tour ( Kansas City, KS June 29th 1974 evening show ). The backing vocals are perhaps a bit too upfront but this is not too annoying apart from the fact we hear Charlie a bit too much near the end of “ C.C. Rider “.

Elvis sounds like in very good humor and ready to start this tour although it was often tough for him to give show in the afternoon. Some shows given during the matinees were excellent ( June 10th 1972 & July 19th 1975 by example ) but overall he was a bit less dynamic during these early performances. As the show progressed he became more into it and you can feel it in his voice.

There’re no reasons to go in details for every songs , thus giving you the pleasure to make your own mind on certain tracks and pick your own highlights, which can differ anyway from one person to another. My personal highlights being “ Why Me Lord “, “ Help Me “ and “ Let Me Be There “. The latter two songs are being done at a slower pace when compared to the versions from the March ’74 tour, and personally I prefer this. “ Big Boss Man “ musical intro sounds somewhat different when compared to other versions recorded earlier that year and after this tour.

This isn’t certainly the best show of the June 1974 tour but can’t say it’s bad either. I still recommend it and guess most fans will enjoy it.

Reviewed by The Crazy Canuck

8 / 10