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Elvis Among Friends


Elvis Among Friends
Whitehaven EPB 3764


Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
She Thinks I Still Care
The Last Farewell
Moody Blue
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
For The Heart
Danny Boy
Never Again
Love Coming Down
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Hurt (X-rated version)
(All songs are undubbed/unedited)
Monologue/ I Saw The Light (excerpt)
Rip It Up (excerpt)/ My Way
Burning Love
Why Me Lord
Elvis Introduces His Father Vernon
Early Morning Rain
Happy Birthday, Mandy (with reprise)
Heartbreak Hotel
Ku-u-I-Po (excerpt)/ Hawaiian Wedding Song
Can't Help Falling In Love
(Recorded live, Lake Tahoe, May 1-8, 1976)


Elvis Among Friends is CD you will either listen to all the time, or very rarely. If you like the LP, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee then you should love this CD. It is as it says on the back, "Recorded at the 'jungle room' of Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, February 2-8, 1976. Completely undubbed, unmixed, and unedited. The sound is by no means RCA quality, but not completely terrible, about what you would expect from home recordings.

The CD starts off with, Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall, and continues on with the From Elvis Presley… album plus She Thinks I Still Care, Moody Blue, and For The Heart. All of which were on the Moody Blue album. The CD also contains the well known X-Rated version of Hurt, as well as the regular version. The last ten tracks were recorded live from audience recordings in Lake Tahoe May 1-8, 1976. There is nothing special here My Way, one of the worst versions of Burning Love I have heard, Why Me, Lord, Early Morning Rain, a nice version of Happy Birthday, to Mandy, Heartbreak Hotel, Hawaiian Wedding Song, and Can't Help Falling In Love. The meat of this CD though is the first 13 tracks, and if you're a fan of From Elvis Presley Blvd. and Moody Blue studio songs, then this CD is probably for you.

Reviewed by Ross Land (USA)

4 / 10