Word For Word II

Jul 17, 2004
Word For Word II
Another release in the “Danish talking series” from Elvis Unlimited. Does it add to what was released already? Design Regarding design this outing fits perfectly in the series. Tasteful, great pictures and this time it has a clearly readable track listing too, which was somewhat of a problem with the first one. The only more or less negative thing we can come up with is that, disregarding all their contacts in the native English Elvis world, EU didn’t “hire” a proofreader for the liner notes. Content Of course most people won’t play this kind of release over and over again. The value is (besides just collecting) to have a good reference available. To us the highlight of this release is the “On Tour” interview, with only minor that the interviewer is a bit hard to hear. It is nice too to have the “Hy Gardner Interview” in much, much better quality. We only wonder why the “March of Dimes”-spot is included, since it has no real value added and is (to us) just “a filler” (of 30 seconds). Conclusion A good audio document in a tasteful design that fits perfectly in the “Danish talking series”.
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