Williams Show - NO '68 Comeback Special!

By Eduard ItorNov 19, 2002
The so-called Robbie Williams Show was aired Saturday night on BBC 1 at 22:00 hours Amsterdam/Paris time and was hailed by earlier reports that it was an immitation of the Elvis '68 Comeback Special. Oh yes, there was that 'redlight' background with in somewhat yellow colours those RW initials on it and the stage, a short catwalk leading to a main circular platform where Robbie would sing, was surrounded by his fans on both sides. The scene was furtermore completed with the band, the mandatory scantily clad dancers with black short pants and boots and the RW backdrop but to use that as a comparisson with the much hailed Elvis '68 comeback special is too ridicilous for words. He didn't sing any Elvis song just his own like the opener Monsoon and Hot fudge etc. etc. Robbie Williams tried to copy Elvis in his sitdown session with a fellow guitarist to do a unplugged song called Nan's song. He sneered, laughed in himself just liked Elvis did when he talked about the rise of the Beatles and the Birds, but Robbie Williams completly missed the charisma to be well liked by those who were not fans of him. Robbie Williams didn't even wore a leathersuit so that all the pre-hail news for the Show was just another bummer. Elvis fans don't need to be worried about Robbie 'Take That' Williams becomming an younger replacement of Elvis Presley. He misses charisma, looks and of all: The voice. But that's just my opinion.
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And my opinion too!

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