Turn Around, Look At Me At Lake Charles

Jan 11, 2004
Turn Around, Look At Me At Lake Charles
Released at the end of 2003 is the audience recording of (what seemed to be) Elvis’ afternoon performance of May 4, 1975. Cover The CD has a well known but attractive picture on the cover, inside a great image of our man with James Burton, James Wilkinson and the back up singers. It is not too often you see the Sweets’ belly buttons. Unfortunately the images are dark and there are no liner notes. Content The concert seems to have an interesting track listing with the additional one-liners of “I Walk The Line”, “Jambalaya” and the title track “Turn Around, Look At Me”. The first two are real one-liners, the title track, “Turn Around, Look At Me” lasts about one minute. Unfortunately we already know that one minute from another date, July 23, 1975 (and released on “Gyrating Ashville”). So the excitement of listening to a concert with some new versions of rare songs is gone. And the editors did a bad job cutting up the shows they used to create this so called concert and giving away the concerts they used. After the title track “Polk Salad Annie” is announced, but we get the “I Got A Woman / Amen” medley. Other parts of this date were partly released on “Cajun Tornado” but happy Birthday to Bruce "Goose" Jackson and other tracks seem to be missing. With the excitement gone we put a “real concert” in our player and threw this CD in a corner, we want to enjoy listening to a concert, not play musical detective and spend a day finding out which song comes from which date. Conclusion Skip this fake concert, if you don’t have the rarely performed title track. You might want to add it to your collection for only that song. It is a shame that “fans” are ripping off fans like this.
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