By Pete SmithDec 17, 2000
Last week Pete Smith from Apache Elvis offered his review of the new TTWII to us. We were in doubt if we should include it or not, mainly because the review looks a little premature, since it is obvious now that e.g. "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" won't be included. Since Pete has the footage of the deleted clips on his site, we think it's a nice service to you to include his review and the links to the clips. Of course you can expect our own review around the day of release, but the conclusion will be pretty much the same, we guess. Of course many thanks to Pete for his offer and hard work! Producer: Rick Schmidlin © Turner Classic Movies Commercial Release © Warner Home Video World Television Premiere: Monday, January 15, 2001, 8 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) If this reviewer was restricted to just one word, while reviewing "Elvis - That's The Way It Is - Special Edition", the adjective I would chose would be "fascinating". Producer extraordinaire Rick Schmidlin has skillfully revamped the original Denis Sanders 1970 TTWII production - a classic in its own right. It appears that EPE has finally come to its senses and left this Elvis production in the hands of an expert and has given Schmidlin creative freedom with amazing results. Schmidlin has ingeniously interweaved old footage, new footage, added in old footage shot from different camera angles and in some instances literally spliced together some sections frame by frame and has created a true masterpiece. Schmidlin has truly captured the soul of Elvis Presley the man and performer - prior to this production many have tried to accomplish this but have failed. One realizes while viewing this film that Elvis, during this period of his life, was completely in charge when it came to the arrangements of his music and its presentation. There is almost something haunting about some of the scenes - one that comes to mind is "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" which is run over the closing credits. Watching Elvis and listening to him sing this song gave this reviewer a chill - I think for the fist time I finally saw the real Elvis. Summing up all I can say is that I want more quality productions like this and hopefully there will be a part two. There are at least another 16 hours of rehearsals from the original shooting of "TTWII" that this reviewer is aware of - hopefully someone will give Schmidlin a free hand and allow him to produce another consummate classic. I would like to compliment the folks at Turner on being involved in yet another superior Elvis project - then again Turner et al are known throughout the tightly knit Elvis community for the quality Elvis projects that they have been involved in - e.g. "He Touched Me" November 20, 1999 and January 08, 2000. In conclusion I would like to thank the following people for their assistance, encouragement and advice: Ted Turner - Vice President of Time-Warner Rick Schmidlin - Producer Extraordinaire Heather Holmes - Turner Classic Movies - Publicity Manager Elizabeth Draughon - Turner Classic Movies - Junior Publicist Ronnee Fass - Warner Home Video - Director of Publicity and Communications Irene Dean - Jane Ayer Public Relations - Director of Publicity Rocket 88 - for technical assistance above and beyond the call of duty **** Last but not least Elvis Aron Presley who made it all possible **** Note: We hope you enjoy the following previews which are either in Real Audio Slide Show or Real Audio Format. To save you searching we have also included these files on the Real Audio Slide Show page. We have tried to create the best image quality possible but are restricted by the tools at our disposal - any distortion in picture quality in no way reflects on TCM. Real Audio Slide Shows: Taken from July 15 and July 29, 1970 MGM Soundstage, Los Angeles - Rehearsals: 1 - Preview 01 - Little Sister / Get Back - Courtesy of TCM 2 - Preview 02 - My Baby Left Me / Crying Time / Love Me - Courtesy of TCM Taken from August 04, 1970, International Hilton Hotel Room, Las Vegas - Rehearsals: 3 - Preview 03 - Cattle Call / The Happy Yodeler - Courtesy of TCM 4 - Preview 04 - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Courtesy of TCM Taken from Live Shows August 10, 1970 through August 13, 1970, International Hilton Hotel Room, Las Vegas: 5 - Preview 05 - Patch It Up - Courtesy of TCM 6 - Preview 06 - One Night - Courtesy of TCM Taken from Live Show August 12, 1970, International Hilton Hotel Room, Las Vegas - Plays over Closing Credits: 7 - Preview 07 - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Courtesy of TCM Real Audio: 8 - Preview 08 - Rick Schmidlin Comments On The Movie - Courtesy of Rick Schmidlin Below you will find some more interesting information regarding this fabulous production: 1 - Rick Schmidlin Comments On Additional Footage 2 - TCM Elvis Presley Festival Schedule 3 - List Of Song Differences Between Original TTWII And The Special Edition 4 - Color Stills From TTWII Special Edition Pete Smith Apache Elvis December 14, 2000 Note: Since Apache Elvis is unavailable, the links are not added.

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