Too Much Monkey Business

By LexAug 6, 2017
Too Much Monkey Business

It took FTD almost 17 years to finally release their immortal “Too Much Monkey Business”, from the equally immortal “Guitar Man” (Young ‘Un Sound) sessions on vinyl. Indeed, immortal is used as in “unable to get away from”.

Normally I am a sucker for vinyl, but in this case it didn’t help at all. I managed somehow to sit through all 4 sides (without muting the volume). I still stand mostly behind what we wrote on the CD-version

Karaoke is most of the time a musical track with bad vocals. In this case it is the opposite: great (or at least good) vocals with a bad or not fitting backing track. Having said this, I have to add that the bonus tracks are the least bad ones, Paralyzed and Wear My Ring Around Your Neck aren’t that much ruined and The Elvis Medley, ah, well… is the Elvis medley, typical 80s.

I know (the obscure repeated RPO rapes underline that) there are enough people that do not mind when true art is ruined. To me it is like Rembrandt in MiniSteck or a child’s drawing of the Mona Lisa: you can still see what it is (or supposed to be), but the real art is gone.

Rembrandt Mona Lisa

I was stupid enough to listen to this thing right before I went to bed. I woke op sweating from a nightmare and had to go out and play the original “From Elvis In Memphis” to convince myself they were still there, the good versions of Long Black Limousine, Only The Strong Survive and the other victims of Felton Jarvis.

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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 19, 2017report abuse
I bought the original Guitar Man LP back in the day. Still have it. Later I bought the renamed FTD CD Too Much Monkey Business. The extra tracks didn't add anything but length. All the best tracks were already on the LP. Won't be buying this vinyl edition.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2017report abuse
Yeah the best tracks were definitely on the '81 Guitar Man album. Odd choice for vinyl when the cd was good enough and there were so many other areas that could have done with exposure.

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