Tiger Man – An Alternate Anthology 5

By ElvisNews.com / KeesDec 14, 2006
Tiger Man – An Alternate Anthology 5
This import series keeps going … is it going in the right way? Design The design is the same as the previous releases; a great picture, a track listing and short liner notes. The producers appear to defend themselves a bit in the liner notes on the reactions from many fans on the so called “unreleased” material and sound quality on their compilations. Content As for the content we can be brief, again a nice compilation of – according to most reactions – previously released material. The liner notes don’t contain any details of the tracks on this compilation. This volume has a slow start with “That Someone You Never Forget” which is a bit boring, because it takes a lot of attempts to get started and we hear a lot of background singers doing “Oooow …” this isn’t enjoyable for a compilation we bought for simple listening pleasure. Fortunately the tempo picks up with “Kiss Me Quick”. With “Edge Of Reality”, “Long Black Limousine”, "True Love Travels On A gravel Road”, "Inherit The Wind” and “Fool” we get great tracks. The use of alternate versions – whichever version it may be – makes this compilation sound different. This is the strength of this series. The compilation ends with too many Hawaiian tracks not the kind of songs we want to hear Elvis struggle on in the studio. Elvis and J.D. Sumner messing up a beautiful gospel like “Why Me Lord” making fun on stage isn’t what I want either. We can understand them making fun of their work … even performing on stage can get repetitive. Conclusion A compilation of - previously released - alternate and live versions with a slow start, strong middle and lesser end. This time the compilation of different sounding classics isn’t as enjoyable as the previous volumes. Let’s see what volume six brings us.
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Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2006report abuse
To me this series is only for people with too much money... "Too much monkey business" like Elvis sang. How to make a buck out of fellow fans... with such friends you don't need enemies.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2006report abuse
On the previous volumes there was not one new unreleased take....why should there be one on this or on the next 10 volumes....all is taken from somewhere else..
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2006report abuse
Interesting, if discouraging, review... The one thing that isn't touched on is how much of this material is previously available either on import or otherwise. I like a new compilation (there's something about hearing alternates in a new order) but at import prices? How many times can we buy the same material? We need to know what's "new" on this and what's not. This is sorely lacking from the review. Only Fort Baxter and Madison have been able to get away with reissuing previously -available material...usually by improving the sound and adding value with great booklets with terrific essays...

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