Tiger Man – Alternate Anthology Volume 2

By ElvisNews.com / KeesJul 23, 2006
Tiger Man – Alternate Anthology Volume 2
Released on the Shake label is volume 2 in their series of rarities compilations. Design Just like on volume 1 and 3 which we previously reviewed the announcement of this “Tiger Man” release was received with mixed feelings. Fans were very enthusiast about the design and selection of pictures, and they are right here too. Elvis looks great in this casual shot signing autographs. Again the details on the tracks on this album could have been elaborated a bit more, but that is even something we (unfortunately) became used too from the official labels. Content For the content of this release the producers “borrowed” material from existing releases, both official and bootlegs, including vinyl releases it seems, we can hear the old fashioned needle on some tracks. The sound is good, but not perfect; there is some distortion on some tracks. This release contains a well balanced compilation with tracks ranging from 1970 to 1976. Most performances are undubbed takes of classics like “There Goes My Everything”, “Separate Ways”, “Always On My Mind”, “If You Talk In Your Sleep” and “My Boy”. Some versions are extended (“Tiger Man” and “Moody Blue”) or contain a certain string or horns overdub. Fun to listen to is the duet “The First Time Ever I Saw You Face” with Ginger Holliday, she is not the world’s greatest performer, but it clearly shows that it would have been great if Elvis had recorded some duets. The melodramatic themes he often selected in the later years of his career could have made great duets. Conclusion A varied selection of Elvis’ seventies catalogue, with a little touch of drama in most of the lyrics, matching a general image of Elvis in the seventies. But just like the previous compilations this is a great CD to play entertaining friends or simply yourself due to the use of alternate versions it sound different from the “standard” BMG compilation. Track listing: Heart Of Rome (Undubbed) / There Goes My Everything (Undubbed) / Sylvia (Undubbed) / 20 Days (Rehearsal) / Whole Lotta Shakin'Going On (Horns Version) / The First Time (Duet) / My Way (Studio) / Seperate Ways (Strings version) / Always On My Mind (Strings Version) / It's A Matter Of Time (Strings Version) / I'm So Lonely I Could Cry (Alternate Aloha) / Girl Of Mine (Undubbed) / Sweet Angeline (Undubbed Acetate) / Help me (Studio Dub) / If You Talk In Your Sleep / Thinking About You (Long Undubbed) / My Boy (Undubbed) / Talk About The Good Times /(Undubbed) / Twelfth Of Never (David Briggs Overdub) / Tiger Man (1975 Warming Up Jam) / Moody Blue (long Outtake) / Never Again (Undubbed).
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elvis_fan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 27, 2006report abuse
hi, i was wondering, i love this cd, and especially the song list but where can i get it? please help me !
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 25, 2006report abuse
I agree completely, I have this series and enjoyed listening to them. I think that they are well packaged compilations, which people can always choose not to buy if they are feeling ripped-off. I have read comments about these CD's containing recordings stolen from other bootlegs, but surely all bootlegs involve theft, whether that be copyright or in some cases the tapes themselves.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 24, 2006report abuse
I surely agree to this! i have this cd for some time, and i like it very much. good audio quality and different versions. i don't understand why so many people dislike these tiger man series! i think this is a winner.

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