The Wonder Of You (2005 Single)

Apr 14, 2005
The fifteenth single in a series of 18 single re-releases is “The Wonder Of You”. Can Elvis continue his string of #1, #2, #3 and #5 hits with his first #1 hit from the seventies in a week when modern digital download sales are counted for the chart too? Design This week we picked up the vinyl version first, and for the second time since this series started we can say something new about the cover of the vinyl release. They upgraded to the standard cover from the seventies and left the fifties red design. Curious to see what they come up with for the “A Little Less Conversation” remix from this century. Content “The Wonder Of You” is of course one of the best songs Elvis recorded and the #1 position for this song when it was originally released was deserved. Actually this statement still stands thirty years later, hopefully Elvis fans can repeat this. And how many backing musicians can say the have Elvis calling out their name on a #1 hit? James Burton can. “Mama Liked The Roses” is a tender song, but more the kind of song I’d play for my mother on Mother’s Day next month, but usually I skip it since it is too sweet for my liking. Strangely enough this song appears on various Christmas albums too. The bonus track on this single is “Let It Be Me” is another great melodic song which perfectly matches Elvis’ voice when he recorded it in 1970. Simply beautiful. With the addition of music downloads to the chart results this week, everyone is curious to find out what the chart will look like this Sunday. For the first time, the Top 40 chart to combine record sales with legal downloads this year in a bid to harness booming Internet interest, making the Top 40 singles chart the most reliable chart again. We will have to see how Elvis’ singles do if this new way of registering all sales comes into effect, but until then, he can set some records for others to aim at. Conclusion Elvis celebrated his 70th birthday on top of the charts with “Jailhouse Rock”, picked up the 1000th UK #1 one week later and will try for the 1001st. #1 spot too while he’s at it. For those who don’t care too much about the charts, these detailed reproductions are real gems to collect on either CD-single, vinyl (or both …).
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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 16, 2005report abuse
I'll take those emotion songs everytime! Great stuff. "Way Down?" Ick.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 16, 2005report abuse
not my favourite live single . unfortunately elvis during the 70's sang more of these emotion songs . we wanted rock . alas we were waiting and waiting and got burning love in 72 and then another wait for 76 , moody blue and then way down . too late elvis died . could have been a great revival after way down . wish wish wish .

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