The Very Best Of Love

Feb 21, 2002
The Very Best Of Love
This is a small CD for a small price, so we added a small review. It has a strange song selection which makes it a nice item between other budget releases. Cover Art The design of this CD from BMG Special Products is basic, but tasteful. A clean image of Elvis on a silk background gives it a "soft touch" and it could also work for a Christmas release with the red and white colours. The booklet contains several color pictures and a short story on each song on this CD. Design After the 2001 release "The 50 Greatest Love Songs" this CD is not the first one to add to your collection. Not even for Joe Public. The worldwide "The 50 Greatest Love Songs" was aimed at the mass market. This release, especially for this price, has almost the same target. That said, back to the collection. The song selection is almost an original one. This release contains twelve love songs and we don't see tracks like "It Hurts Me" and "Young And Beautiful" too often on small releases like this. If you're playing this CD on a romantic evening, keep an eye on track eight, that one will get the fire burning for sure! Conclusion This release has the title "The Very Best Of Love", we won't say this is the very best of love but it comes a long way.


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