The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book

Jan 5, 2005
The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book
Released in the last week of 2004 is the book “The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book”. Is it the ultimate book on Elvis' visits to the city? Design If we would have seen this book in a store it would catch our eye immediately due to the great picture of Elvis on the cover. It shows again Elvis had the head of a model, even in these casual snapshots he looks great. The design of the book is stylish and used consequently throughout the entire book. The left page shows the picture, the right page the text in both German and English making this book suitable for the international market. In some sections both pages are filled with images, memorabilia and clippings from various media. Most of the book is in black and white, but many memorabilia items, clippings and color pictures are presented in color. Content The book details two visits Elvis made to the Bavarian capital Munich. After a short introduction on the city and the main characters of this book (Elvis and Vera Tschechowa) the book tells the story of Elvis’ first trip to Munich to visit Vera. In a day-by-day style we learn what Elvis did, and the pictures illustrate it perfectly. Elvis meeting Vera, going to her parent’s house, making a boat trip, visiting the theatre or the movies and of course the Moulin Rouge club. The second time Elvis visited the city he was on his way to Paris. He visited the Moulin Rouge again. The book also features the transcript of an interview he did in Munich on a local radio station, it would have been great if that ever surfaced. Besides documenting Elvis two visits to the city in detail, this author also tries to uncover certain subjects. Were Elvis and Vera “lovers”, did Elvis make studio photo’s in Munich? Did Elvis and Vera “have a fling?” Many photos of the couple were featured in magazine on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. But the “couple” put an end to it by simply denying it. As for the photo session … you will have to read the book yourself. The book ends with several interesting interviews Elvis did with various media. Conclusion Contrary to books with many pictures from the same event (mainly concert books focusing on one or two concerts) this book doesn’t get boring because there are plenty of different angles to the same content and plenty of material / memorabilia to paint a complete picture of the events. The book documents the two visits of Elvis to Munich in colorful and factual detail. The many illustrations and pictures make this book a very interesting read and a worthy addition to the books written on Elvis stay in Germany. Is it the ultimate book on Elvis' visits to the city? Probably yes, only an updated re-print can top this one. You can buy your copy from the author's site using the link below.

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lsp2231 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 6, 2005report abuse
Hi there: You must have misunderstood something. I was not commenting on comments about my book, but just giving people answers to their questions. If you are insinuating that I pay people to write good reviews, then I would be strongly offended, because I would never do anything like that. I think that people should make up their own minds about whether they think a book is good or not... after they have read it or at least looked at it, of course. So, if the reviews are good, then the reviewers apparently liked the book, and I'm very proud of that!
Jon Carpenter (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2005report abuse
bias I meant, of course I understand that this book is propably like your little baby, that you want everyone to like ...but ain't it over the top to be commenting on the comments about your book? And the review is good I smell money or did they just like the book? But, hey, good luck with your book. It will probably fit nicely with those Elvis ultimate-collectors
lsp2231 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2005report abuse
What do you mean by "Is this review passive"?
Jon Carpenter (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 17, 2005report abuse
Is this review passive?
lsp2231 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 7, 2005report abuse
You're right. Elvis was probably looking at one of the other photographers that were there that day. This picture was taken at Lake Starnberg, near Munich (Germany) on March 3, 1959. As an eyewitness told me, there were loads of photographers there that day! Andreas Roth, author of The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2005report abuse
In this picture, Elvis is clearly looking at something slightly to his right without moving his head, hence why some people might consider him to look cross-eyed!
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2005report abuse
Eaglone,you are delusional! Elvis never was cross eyed, I think you're looking at yourself in the mirror. That is the jacket from Jailhouse rock, and it's an awesome picture of Elvis.
lsp2231 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2005report abuse
Yes, you are right. It is the jacket he wore in Jailhouse Rock. There are a lot more photos of him wearing that jacket in the book, including the only color photo of him wearing that jacket in Germany. Andreas Roth, the author of The Ultimate Elvis In Munich Book
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 5, 2005report abuse
yukky photo of elvis plus it looks as if he has the jacket from jailhouse rock . are my eyes deceiving me but i did notice at the beginning of his career that he had a bit of a cross eye . if so did he have an operation to correct the eye

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