The Story Of Elvis Presley

Jun 11, 2002
The  Story Of Elvis Presley
A couple of weeks ago it showed up for the first time and now we finally have the time to review this DVD. Design The cover is poorly designed with a white and purple still of the Aloha special. The back gives some minimum info on the DVD. In that tiny bit of text a lot of typos ("histor of the Kng has it all A must for ...") show up. The menu of the DVD is ugly too, some screenshots to jump to the chapters in awful quality. Unfortunately the image quality of the DVD itself is bad, very dark. It really is a shame that this medium is spoiled with this poor quality, it’s about the worst we have seen on DVD. Content The actual content of the DVD is a 1990 documentary by Ray Atherton and Nick Bougas. Obviously the producers of the DVD just threw a poor video copy of that documentary on a silver disc. The documentary itself isn’t bad. It gives a pretty complete picture of the rise of Elvis, a fly-by of the movie years and a short impression of the decline. The commentary is very fast, so non-English speakers may have some problems with it. There isn’t too much music in the documentary. Some short footage of the Timex Show with Frank Sinatra in 1960 and pieces of the stand up show from the NBC special (“rare footage of his censored television performance”) might be the most interesting parts of the documentary for most viewers. Conclusion The company who released this DVD has a name you must remember when you see this DVD. Payless Entertainment, and this is no joke! Our conclusion is simple, if you have the video of this documentary (which by itself isn't bad) keep your money in your pocket or wait for a sale. Release Information: Company: Payless Entertainment DVD Release Date: 2002 Edition Details: Region 0 encoding, Black and White / Color,
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