The Press Conferences

May 14, 2001
The Press Conferences
Design The package is double digi-pack holding two CD's. All the images on the cover are from press-conferences. The cover is a photo from an army press conference, the inside also holds an army-photo and a seventies press conference photo. The other two panels contain advertisements for other Elvis Unlimited products (the magazine and "Elvis On Stage photobook). The CD's are picture discs with the same images as the cover. The package looks very stylish and really catches the eye. Content The CD's contain all of Elvis official press conferences from 1956 to 1971. When you take the time to listen to both CD's in a row you get a nice overview of some of the moments of Elvis' life you know. Talking on "Loving You", going into the army, The Hawaii benefit concert, March of Dimes and the Aloha Concert. The only one that is not on this set is the one from Canada with Red Robinson. The quality is O.K. taking the sources of in consideration. On some of the recordings you have the idea you're standing in between the journalist when you hear them talk before the press conference really begins.. Conclusion It's not a CD you will play very often, but it's nice to (almost) have all Elvis' press-conferences complete for your collection.

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