The Pot Luck Sessions Volumes 1 And 2

Jul 19, 2004
The Pot Luck Sessions Volumes 1 And 2
Two CDs are released by Bella records containing various takes of twelve songs from the Pot Luck sessions. Design The design is very nice, two volumes in exactly the same style. A publicity shot from our man on the front and back, unfortunately printed a bit dark and blurry, but well designed. Inside all the details of the various tracks and on the back short, but informative, liner notes on the songs on the CD. Simply putting the liner notes in a row would make a great review. Content As with all out-take compilations the producers have a choice to make. Either present all the takes of a song chronologically so the listener can hear a song grow into the master take, or mix the takes up for a more audible compilation to listen to (like the fan’s favorite “Finding The Way Home”) . The producers of these releases chose for the first option. Most takes have been released before, especially the “Unsurpassed masters” box contains a lot of the takes featured on this release. But where that box set is not complete, these two CD’s contain the takes missing on the “Unsurpassed Masters” volumes 7, 8 and 9. The audio quality is very good, and with titles like “Something Blue”,“Gonna Get back Somehow” “Night Rider”, “I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever”, “Suspicion” quite an enjoyable set to listen to, kind of an easy listening compilation. You can hear Elvis is far more serious here than on the mainly sound track recordings he would be making for the next five years. He still enoys working on the songs to deliver a good take. Conclusion A good collection in a good audio quality in a nice design to complete the (out-take) collection of any fan. Track listing volume 1: Something Blue (Take 1 - 7) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 1 - 7) - Easy Question (Take 1 - 3, 5) - Fountain Of Love (Take 1 - 10) - Just For Old Time Sake (Take 1 - 5) Track listing volume 2: Night Rider (Take 1 - 5) - You´ll Be Gone (Take 1 - 4) - I Feel That I´ve Know You Forever (Take 1 - 5) - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 1 - 6) - Suspicion (Take 1 - 4) - Suspicion (Master) - She´s Not You (Take 1 - 3) - She´s Not You (working part (1 - 4) - She´s Not You (Master)
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daz parky (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2004report abuse
two new releases and great covers . if your,e a fan of outtake albums this is a great addition to your collection great audio quality, a lot has been released before but this seems the complete sessions . and what a voice

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