The Only Elvis Presley Album You’ll Ever Need

Sep 11, 2004
The Only Elvis Presley Album You’ll Ever Need
Released in the United Kingdom is the CD “The Only Elvis Presley Album You’ll Ever Need“. Does the ambition meet the title? Design The cover is in black and white, with a light blue as the basic color for the inside of the booklet. That contains a brief liner notes on Elvis’ achievements, summarizing all the basics. The images are all good looking early promotional shots of Elvis. A good choice for a release like this. Content The proof of the pudding is in the eating, this CD serves sixteen different dishes from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Again a compilation from the catalogue BMG controls (all recorded prior to 1972), thus missing some later tracks which should be included in “The Only Elvis Presley Album You’ll Ever Need“according to us. At least one track should of Elvis’ last recording session should have been included to paint the complete picture. But here we are at the difficulty of a CD with this title, no one will agree on the selection which defines “The Only Elvis Presley Album You’ll Ever Need”. In our opinion an nice, but not essential collection has been compiled. Classics from the fifties (“Heartbreak Hotel”), sixties (“If I Can Dream”) and seventies (“Always On My Mind”), some live tracks (Unchained Melody”), a movie song (“G.I. Blues”) and some middle of the road up tempo and love standards. Conclusion A fair compilation, most of the aspects of Elvis’ musical heritage are covered. As for the title, each fan can probably create his own “The Elvis Presley Album He’ll Ever Need”. The track listing: Always On My Mind / Blue Suede Shoes / Heartbreak Hotel / Love Me Tender / Suspicious Minds / Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear / I Was The One / True Love / I Want You I Need You I Love You / Loving You / If I Can Dream / Wonder Of You / Love Me / You Don't Know Me / Unchained Melody / GI Blues
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