The Love Songs

Jul 3, 2000
The Love Songs
In March this CD was released by Green Hill Music, based in Nashville, Tennessee, in their "Legendary Masters Collection". This "BMG Special Product" is compiled by Greg Howard. Let's see if we really needed this special love songs compilation... The sleeve design is simple but tasteful. Two classic 1956 pictures are used in a black and purple setting. The inside of the inlay has a gray to white gradient, with unfortunately a little smurred start. In the background you see (a part of) the title "elvispresley the love songs" and the word "legendary". The layout for the complete tracklisting is again simple, but very clear. A big minus here is that they qualify the songs "recorded prior to 1972" or not (Always on My Mind). Probably this has something to do with the copyright, but it might be interesting for the buyers in which year the song was recorded. Another remarkable fact is that most songs are listed as "Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires", while Are You Lonesome Tonight is listed as done by "Elvis Presley" (vocal accompaniment by The Jordanaires). The soundquality is good as might be expected in 2000. The compilation gives the expected "Love Songs" like e.g. "Love Me Tender", "Don't" and "Can't Help Falling in Love". But also there are some less expected or less used songs like "Crying in the Chapel" and "It Hurts Me". "Always on My Mind" is the only song from the 1970's. With 35 minutes the CD is way too short. For the collector who wants to have everything (or should we say anything?) this might be an interesting release. For people who are interested in getting some Elvis Love Songs, they better go hunt for last year's Camden release, which has more than an hour of this kind of songs.

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