The Lost Performances

Mar 8, 2004
The Lost Performances
Released in Malaysia is the first DVD version of “The Lost Performances”. Design The DVD comes in a very basic design. This title has had several designs over the years with various video and video CD and laserdisc releases. This design uses an image from “That’s The Way it Is” too. The information on the back simply describes the content of the disc, and in that short text they even managed to make a typo. The DVD itself has a simple menu, you can select the songs. Content More important than the design is the content of the DVD. And the content is great, but that isn’t new since many fans already know or own the video version of this release which has been available for over twelve years. This release contains material (“new” according to the cover text, well at least it was in 1992, but they reused the same cover text) found by accident in the vaults during a routine inspection in 1986. We get Elvis’ material from “That’s The Way It Is” (1970) both on stage and rehearsing, and performances from “Elvis On Tour” (1972). The track listing is the same as on the video release, although the chapters have been edited a bit hastily, most songs have a fade out, but that does not mean the editors added the chapter divisions there. The quality of the DVD is good, although we doubt if the DVD is mixed in DTS-sound since it sounds much better in “stereo”. There are more logo’s on the back which don’t match the content (it is region free, and not region 1 as stated on the back), so we leave the logo for what it is. Updated: This is a bootleg release, probabaly a copy from the laserdisc. Conclusion You can finally watch this great footage in good quality; most video’s will be worn out by now. We still wonder why there never was a follow up for this material, there are literally kilometers of tape available from the concert movies, and simply put together like in this release it should be something the Follow That Dream label could release for the fans.
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mrstats (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2004report abuse
Thanks for the information. I have a bootleg of the DVD "Elvis on Tour". The quality is acceptable, but nowhere near the quality of "That's the Way It Is" DVD.
Mathias (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 9, 2004report abuse
Hi Friends, like Elvis on Tour, this release is just another bootleg DVD! Not bad, but far from being perfect. Source is again a Laserdisc! Thought you should know that.

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