The Live Greatest Hits

By George MasseyApr 2, 2001
The Live Greatest Hits
As with other performers, Elvis's live renditions (at least those released on CD by BMG) range from better than the original studio on some occasions and not upto the standard of the studio original on others. By and large those recordings of Elvis Live released during his lifetime capture Elvis at his best Live and the Live recordings give us much more of Elvis than the studio recordings. Which brings me nicely to The Live greatest Hits review. Most of the songs on here were released or closely resemble those released on Live albums during Elvis Lifetime i.e Live at the International 69, On stage 70, Madison Square Garden 72, Hawaii 73. I have not seen the new That's the way It is film, although I was not a fan of the extra video released of this a few years ago which contained the songs on this CD which are the new ones to CD. The video showed Elvis singing sad, low key versions of his classic studio recordings and in a bright red collared jumpsuit that didn't do his looks justice ! The versions of In the Ghetto, Don't Cry Daddy, Kentucky Rain on this CD are nowhere near the standard Elvis set on the original studio's and nowhere near the excellent quality of the rest of the Live songs of this time e.g Suspicious Minds, Are you lonesome tonight, HeartBreak Hotel, etc. The second version of the wonder of you as found on this CD is inferior to the version from On Stage which became a massive single hit. Elvis sounds out of tune at times tired on this recording so how fans can enjoy listening to this one over the excellent original defeats me. I have to give an overall thumbs down to this album and others like It. New fans will buy these albums and hear Elvis plain and simply far from his best, what will they think, all his recordings are like this ?? It is merely release after release of classic originals with dreary Live versions. We have had the best Live versions released. Elvis must have sung tons and tons of great Lve versions but BMG can only release the versions they have, whether they are worth releasing or not.


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