The Live Greatest Hits

By Bengt Arild JohansenApr 2, 2001
The Live Greatest Hits
I never thought I would write this, but I’m on. Seeing the title, looking at the contents, I thought this was a very, very bad idea! I bought the record, more or less to get that only track I didn’t hold: THE WONDER OF YOU. Then I put it on in my car, and just let it play. I’m still playing it! I am one of those who never really liked Elvis’ renditions of his own monster hits. A few exceptions though, HEARTBREAK HOTEL in his Vegas treatment always had something about it! On the other hand, I am one of those who simply loves his live treatment of songs he never recorded himself. Thus being a fan of the ON STAGE album and other Vegas live segments. The songs on THE LIVE GREATEST HITS are songs I rarely play when I dig into the Vegas sides of Elvis. The exceptions are of course I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVIN’ and POLK SALAD ANNIE. I can hardly remember Elvis doing a bad version of POLK SALAD.. They stand out in this compilation also, even if I would have preferred the first edition of I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVIN’ in here. But, in this case it’s no use arguing over each individual version being used. It’s the overall concept, and the fact that it works, that matters. The remixing done here, gives in my ears, a richer sound. Compared to the double EU release, ELVIS THE CONCERT (THE 1999 WORLD TOUR) CD’s, I am more amused by this one. Seeing this album entering the UK top 50, as THE 50 GREATEST HITS re-entered the top 40, surprised me and it’s good to see. If there is one thing I would have wished for, it would have been the inclusion of some of the NBC TV special tracks, instead of some of the Vegas versions. E.g. JAILHOUSE ROCK, ALL SHOOK UP and HOUND DOG. It would have made the front cover photo make more sense also. But, overall, I really like the record, and the cover really isn’t that bad either. A nice surprise for my money!


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