The King Live

Aug 27, 2005
The King Live
Released in Germany and the rest of Europe is the budget DVD "The King Live" with Elvis' 1968 Comeback Special. Design This time the picture on the cover of this cheap DVD (6 euro) actually covers the content. The DVD contans Elvis 1968 Comeback Special. The discmenu is good, animated and with Elvis'singing. The options are little, simply play movie or select a chapter. Content The content is great of course, it is the complete 1968 Comeback Special. O.k. it is not as complete as the Deluxe 3 DVD box we got last year, although this edition does include "It Hurts Me", but for 6 euro, who is complaining? Well actually we are, because we don't really get the point of these releases. Perhaps they are only partly legal (although normal stores sell it) or copyright ran out? The problem is that casual buyers don't get Elvis in the good audio and video quality that is available too (although this DVD isn't that bad). EPE and BMG are taking way too long to put out a decent single disc edition of Elvis' two television specials for the casual buyer who is not interested in watching all the rehearsals and outtakes. Conclusion This release may attract a few casual buyers, but EPE and BMG should hurry up the re-release of the single discs so these people don't see Elvis best material laying back to back with vague documentary DVDs or other budget artists. Elvis is more than that (at least to us).
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bajo (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2005report abuse
Regarding the DVD, "The King Live", I bought it because of the "It Hurts Me" segment. The picture quality and sound are of good video quality, and can't be compared to the de luxe set we have!
One can only hope that when the official single DVD of the '68 special arrives, it will be complete!

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