The Jailhouse Rock Sessions

Aug 1, 2000
The Jailhouse Rock Sessions
The last of the three new releases from the Czech Fan Club is "The Jailhouse Rock Sessions". The booklet has a different text in the booklet than the other two releases. It gives some reasons why this release should be unique and some information on the titles on the CD. It lacks "the story behind the sessions" the other two CD's have. As said this CD contains 6 titles in different versions, both out-takes and the masters. And as a bonus "Elvis Sails" interviews. It's nice to hear the studio chat with the "masters" to stay in line with the other tracks on the CD. A con is that the sound quality of the different out-takes differs between the first version you hear and the other takes following that version. Perhaps this is caused because there are both mono and stereo recordings on this release. The playing time is shorter than the other releases, 54.45 minutes. 
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